Cover Plates

The most aesthetically pleasing fire sprinkler is the one you never see! If you have a concealed fire sprinkler, then you must cover the sprinkler with a fire sprinkler cover plate. Cover plates are also commonly called concealers, caps, ceiling plates, or escutcheon caps (but not to be confused with a one-piece, recessed or adjustable escutcheon). A fire sprinkler cover plate is a decorative metal plate connected to a copper-colored frame via temperature-sensitive solder. Depending on your model of fire sprinkler, the decorative plate may come in a variety of finishes including white, chrome, and black, amongst others. The temperature-responsive solder on the sprinkler cover plate melts at a specified temperature, usually 20 degrees cooler than the sprinkler's activation temperature. The most important thing to know: there is only one cover plate model for your sprinkler!

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Fire Sprinkler Cover Plates