About Us

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The Need

QRFS is a family-owned business founded in 2010 to help everyone navigate the complicated world of fire protection.

Our founder saw the issues people faced while working for a major fire sprinkler manufacturer: hard-to-access parts, inconsistent pricing, and confusing codes—and the enormous risks for people, businesses, and buildings when someone gets fire protection wrong.

The Solution

First, we provided easy, fast access to the equipment that contractors, facility managers, residents, and other stakeholders need. QRFS now has over 4,000 fire protection parts in our online inventory, and we regularly help customers buy specialty items.

But we quickly realized that equipment alone wasn’t enough.

People not only need things but must also know precisely what and why. Unfortunately, interpreting fire protection systems, codes, and standards isn’t easy. So, we developed industry-leading knowledge resources in concert with experienced professionals.

Our Thoughts on Fire blog and Ask a Fire Pro service break down complicated concepts into understandable, actionable information.

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What We Do

QRFS is service-driven. We want to be your trusted fire protection resource, whether that means getting you the right part once or becoming a continuing partner. As long as people and buildings are safer and systems are compliant—with less hassle—we're happy.

Where We're Headed

QRFS wants to be the one place you turn to if you have a fire protection system and need a part or information. Our inventory and knowledge base grow monthly, and we’re continually rolling out new resources that make it all easier.

qrfs we help you
qrfs we help you

Who We Are

At the core of QRFS is the husband-and-wife team of Jason Hugo, Founder and CEO, and Linsey Hugo, our Chief Operating Officer. Jason saw a unique opportunity: accessing fire protection parts and info didn’t have to be so hard. And Linsey is proud to implement solutions that help keep people safe.

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