Horizontal Sidewalls

Horizontal sidewall sprinklers install along the upper side of walls, typically in spaces where running overhead pipe and using pendent sprinklers is impractical. Once a room’s ambient temperature exceeds the sprinkler’s rated activation temperature, sidewall sprinkler heads activate to disperse water through semicircular deflectors in a crescent pattern. Many of these sprinklers are installed with an escutcheon (either recessed, adjustable, or flat) that looks great and stops heat from escaping behind the fire sprinkler, ensuring timely activation. The approved, listed escutcheons are available on each horizontal sidewall sprinkler’s product page. In addition, most horizontal sidewall sprinklers and their escutcheons are available in multiple finishes to match your room’s look and feel. QRFS.com offers sidewall sprinkler heads in various temperatures, K-Factors, and thread sizes to meet approved system design requirements.

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Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler Heads