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Quickstop Firefighter Multi-Tool | Shut Off Fire Sprinklers Quickly! |Q-MT


The Firefighter Multi-Tool combines the fire-sprinkler-shutoff action of Quickstop’s Commercial Fire Sprinkler Tool with 6 other essential firefighting functions. It stops ½” and ¾” sprinkler heads, even if they’re recessed or sheared. Plus, it has a spanner wrench, a fire department connection (FDC) cap wrench, an O2 tank wrench, a pressure-reducing valve key, and a clamp for gas utility valves

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The Quickstop Firefighter Multi-Tool

  • The Quickstop Firefighter Multi-Tool can plug almost any sprinkler with just one squeeze of the hand
  • Works on pendent, upright, and sidewall sprinklers, including recessed heads, even if the head is completely sheared off!
  • Shuts off ½” and ¾” sprinkler heads
  • Has wrenches for FDC caps and hose couplings, keys for oxygen tanks and pressure-reducing valves, and a clamp for gas utility valves
  • Holds a water-tight seal at pressures up to 350 PSI (2400 KPA)
  • A built-in fusible link detaches at 250F, serving as a temporary sprinkler
  • It can be connected to an adjustable extension pole offering 6 1/2 to 12 feet of additional reach

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How do I use the Quickstop Firefighter Multi-Tool to shut off sprinklers?

Following the alignment attachment, place one jaw around the threaded base of the sprinkler. Then, squeeze the handle to crimp the other jaw’s rubber seal shut over the orifice. To adjust the seal on the sprinkler, a bolt can be tightened or loosened. To remove the device instantly, flip the quick-release arm.

Check out this video for a demonstration:

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What else can the Firefighter Multi-Tool do?

Quite a bit. The core of the Firefighter Multi-Tool is Quickstop’s fire sprinkler shutoff tool described above. The adjustable clamp can close off ¾” and ½” sprinkler heads, even if they are damaged or completely sheared off.

On top of that, the Firefighter Multi-Tool has:

  • A spanner wrench for hose couplings
  • A wrench for FDC caps
  • A wrench for oxygen tanks
  • A key for FDC pressure-reducing valves
  • A clamp for shutting off residential gas utility valves

Plus, the sturdy steel frame lets it act as a door chock in a pinch—just wedge it under the door or slip the handles over a hinge.

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How is the Firefighter Multi-Tool different from the standard Quickstop?

When it comes to plugging fire sprinklers, the Firefighter Multi-Tool and the Quickstop Commercial Fire Sprinkler Tool are the same. The Firefighter Multi-Tool simply combines this functionality with the other tools described above—check out this video to see them in action:

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Will the Firefighter Multi-Tool stand up to heavy use?

Constructed from aircraft-grade steel and plated to reduce rust, the Firefighter Multi-Tool is made for firefighting. Torque it hard to remove FDC caps or make hose connections, or jam it in door hinges—this device can take it. A light treatment with WD40 is all it needs to stay in working order. Plus, the tool has a 5-year limited warranty.

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Will my fire sprinkler system work after using the Quickstop Multi-Tool?

It will, but only temporarily. The Multi-Tool has a fusible link that melts away at 250F, allowing water to flow again from the sprinkler during a fire. Check with your local authority having jurisdiction to determine if the temperature requirements are adequate. Leaving any Quickstop device on a sprinkler too long may eventually cause flooding. Thus, replace the damaged or activated sprinkler head as soon as possible and report system deficiencies to the appropriate local authorities.

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QRFS Part Number Availability Ships From
QMT Usually ships within 48 hours CA or VA
Shipping Weight
1 lbs.



Gong Diameter Depth Base Size
7.5"(19 cm) 3.5" (8.9 cm) 1" (2.54 cm)



Polished Chrome Finish with Red Accents

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