Sprinkler Water Wrap-Around Pipe Marker | 1-1/4 in. Letters | Fits 6 in. to 7-7/8 in. Pipe


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Wrap-Around "SPRINKLER WATER"ù Pipe Marker | 1 1/4 in. Letters | 6 in. to 7 7/8 in. Pipe
Wrap-Around "SPRINKLER WATER"ù Pipe Marker | 1 1/4 in. Letters | 6 in. to 7 7/8 in. Pipe
Wrap-Around "SPRINKLER WATER"ù Pipe Marker | 1 1/4 in. Letters | 6 in. to 7 7/8 in. Pipe | Marker with Zip Ties

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Wrap-Around "SPRINKLER WATER"ù Pipe Marker | 1 1/4 in. Letters | 6 in. to 7 7/8 in. Pipe
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This wrap-around pipe marker installs on 6in. to 7 7/8in. fire sprinkler system pipes to indicate the direction of flow and pipe contents. When installing a plumbing system, standards from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ANSI) recommend that all piping to be labeled according to the type of piping system, the contents of the pipes, and in which direction the contents of the pipes are flowing.

This particular pipe marker features 1-1/4in. white letters that read 'SPRINKLER WATER' over an 12in. red background. It is constructed using semi-rigid vinyl, secured to 6in. to 7 7/8in. pipes with two included zip-ties, and will withstand temperatures between -40F (4C) and 180F (82C).

Where do I place this marker?

For pipe markers to be effective, they must be placed in locations where the information provided on the label would be needed. Pipe labels should always include the contents found inside the pipes, and the direction the contents are flowing. The Wrap Around 'SPRINKLER WATER' Pipe Marker will tell technicians, firefighters, inspectors, and anyone working with the fire sprinkler system in which direction the water is flowing.

The following are locations within a piping system where these 'SPRINKLER WATER' markers should be affixed to pipes between 6in. and 7 7/8in. in size:

  • Near valves and flanges
  • When a pipe changes direction (wherever elbows are used)
  • On both sides of ceiling, wall, or floor penetrations
  • At any line entry or re-entry point
  • Every 25-50 feet on straight pipe runs

Will this marker fit my pipe?

The WA style of the wrap-around 'SPRINKLER WATER' pipe marker is accompanied by two red zip-ties that will attach the label to any pipe with an outer diameter of 6in. to 7 7/8in.. Note that a pipe's outside diameter is almost always larger than the pipe's nominal size or trade name.The outer diameter of a pipe may be a quarter-inch, half-inch, or three-quarters of an inch larger than the nominal size.

Other sizes available:

How do I apply this marker to my pipe?

The wrap-around 'SPRINKLER WATER' pipe marker for 6in. to 7 7/8in. pipes is accompanied by two red zip-ties that will fit the specified pipe sizing. Use these ties, and follow the steps below to attach the pipe label correctly.

  1. Before placing the pipe label in the desired spot, run each zip-tie through the back of the label; the zip-tie should not run across the front of the label.
  2. Determine the normal point of approach (which angle is the marker most likely to be viewed from?).
  3. Place the pipe label over the desired spot on the pipe, with the zip-ties wrapping around the pipe.
  4. Fasten zip-ties tight enough so that the label will not budge.



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