Far and away, pendent fire sprinklers are the most common sprinkler heads installed globally, fighting fires in everything from homes to hospitals to industrial facilities. The defining characteristic of a pendent sprinkler is that it points downward from the ceiling. Once the room’s ambient temperature hits the sprinkler’s rated activation temperature, pendent sprinklers activate to disperse water in a conical pattern that deprives a fire of fuel and controls it.

For a clean ceiling finish, pendent sprinklers are commonly installed with an escutcheon (either recessed, adjustable, or flat), which looks great and slows heat from escaping behind the sprinkler head, ensuring on-time activation. The approved, listed escutcheons are available on each pendent sprinkler’s QRFS product page. Most pendents — and their escutcheons — are available in multiple finishes to match your room’s look, and some options have corrosion-resistant properties. offers pendent fire sprinklers in various temperatures, K-Factors, and thread sizes to meet approved system design requirements.

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