Missing Escutcheons

So, what's the problem?

Poor aesthetics... and safety concerns.

Other than the unsightly appearance of a missing escutcheon, there are also safety and compliance reasons to have them. Not having a listed escutcheon can cause problems, such as:


1. NFPA standards require listed escutcheons for some installations

2. A missing escutcheon may indicate a problem with the sprinkler's position

3. The potential for heat to escape into the open hole, delaying sprinkler activation

For more specific information about missing escutcheons, including NFPA code references, visit Blog #424.

Let's find a solution.

You've gotten this far - so you know you have a problem. Let's fix it.

Identify your sprinkler's compatible escutcheon

Step 1. Figure out your sprinkler head's Sprinkler Identification Number (SIN)

In most cases, your SIN will be etched onto the deflector. See example images below.






Step 2. Figure out your sprinkler's size.

Escutcheons are available in 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. sizing. Many models are available in both, so it's important to know the correct size. While 1/2 in. escutcheons are vastly more common, there are plenty of 3/4 in. pendent and sidewall sprinklers that will require a 3/4 in. escutcheon.


If your SIN appears on the list below, then that means your sprinkler is 3/4 in. If it doesn't, then you almost certainly require a 1/2 in.

Expandable List List of 3/4 in. sprinklers
  • R1017
  • R1237
  • R1712
  • R1742
  • R1762
  • R3117
  • R3137
  • R3612
  • R4613
  • R4842
  • R4862
  • R5714
  • R5734
  • R7216
  • RA0362
  • RA5412
  • RA6212
  • RA6312
  • RA6512
  • RA7216
  • TY4211
  • TY4231
  • TY4232
  • TY4234
  • TY4251
  • TY4282
  • TY4332
  • TY4352
  • TY5231
  • TY5237
  • TY6237
  • TY7228
  • TY9281
  • TY9291
  • V3405
  • V3406
  • V3409
  • V3410
  • V3411
  • V3412
  • V3413
  • V3414
  • V3415
  • V3416
  • V3421
  • V3426
  • VK202
  • VK2021
  • VK206
  • VK352
  • VK3521
  • VK353
  • VK360
  • VK377
  • VK458
  • VK534
  • VK536
  • VK537
  • VK572
  • VK602
  • VK603
  • VK606
  • VK608
  • VK617
  • VK630
  • VK631

Step 3. Use the search bar below.

Responsive Search Bar 3

Step 4. Select your preferred finish.

While white and chrome are the most common escutcheon finishes, there are other finishes available including Brass, Black, and even Stainless for special applications. 


Browse available finishes in the results or navigate to a product page and select from the "Product Options" dropdown (example below).

Congrats! You have found your compatible escutcheon!

The last step is to select the quantity you need, add your product(s) to the Cart, and Checkout!


If you are still stuck, click the Contact Us text at the top of this page and view our support options.