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Viking Model NP-1 Recessed Escutcheon | 1/2″ NPT | White | 22066M/W

Viking Model NP-1 Recessed White Escutcheon slips onto 1/2″ pendent sprinklers from Viking’s XT-1 line, serving as an ornamental plate that sits between the sprinkler and the ceiling for a pleasant, smooth appearance.
SKU Finish Sprinkler Size (Orifice)
VK050NP1WH White 1/2″ (12.7 mm) NPT
Adjustment Range Diameter Depth of Outer Cup
Flush to 5/8″ (16mm) Recessed 3-1/16″ (78mm) 1 1/16″ (27mm)
Depth of Center Adapter Ring Viking Part No. Availability
11/32″ (9mm) +/- 1/32″ (1mm) 22066M/W Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

White Viking Model NP-1 Recessed Escutcheon for 1/2″ Fire Sprinklers

The Viking Model NP-1 Recessed Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon improves the look and function of all six Viking XT-1 pendent fire sprinkler heads. This white sprinkler escutcheon covers the gap between a sprinkler head and the ceiling, promoting proper sprinkler head activation while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

This recessed, slip-on escutcheon is designed for XT-1 fire sprinkler heads with a 1/2″ NPT (15mm) thread connection. Viking’s Model NP-1 has a 3-1/16″ outside diameter and offers the maximum recess available: a full 5/8″ (16 mm).

What is an escutcheon?

An escutcheon sits behind the sprinkler head, covering the hole where pipe fittings and heads connect. But a fire sprinkler escutcheon plate isn’t just decorative. Without a properly fitted escutcheon, the smoke and high temperatures from a fire may bypass sprinklers and enter the spaces above or behind, resulting in late activation. By properly combining this escutcheon with any of Viking’s six 1/2″ pendent XT1 heads, installers form a listed sprinkler assembly—one that’s tested and certified to activate at specific temperatures.

Will a Model NP-1 escutcheon fit my sprinkler head?

This Viking Model NP-1 Recessed Escutcheon has a white finish, and fits 1/2″ NPT pendent sprinklers from Viking’s XT-1 line. This escutcheon is compatible with Viking heads that have the following sprinkler identification numbers (SINs)

  • VK1021
  • VK2021
  • VK2022
  • VK3021
  • VK3521
  • VK3522

How do I install a Viking NP-1 escutcheon?

The White Model NP-1 Escutcheon is designed for installation only with the sprinklers listed above. This escutcheon can be installed during the construction process or when an escutcheon requires replacement. The push-on, pull-off design of the Model NP-1 makes replacement easy.

To install this white model NP-1 in new construction, follow these steps:

  1. Rotate the sprinkler clockwise into the center adapter ring of the escutcheon until the face of the adapter contacts the hex-shaped wrench boss on the sprinkler’s frame.
  2. Connect the sprinkler to the sprinkler system—and test for leaks—as prescribed by the data sheet for your specific sprinkler model.
  3. Remove the plastic sprinkler cap or shield when construction near the sprinkler head (such as wall or finish work) concludes.
  4. Slide the outer cup into the hole surrounding the sprinkler head, pressing against it until the flanges touch the ceiling or wall.

To replace the outer cup of an existing escutcheon:

  1. Remove the existing cup by pulling away from the wall or ceiling
  2. Slide the outer cup into the hole surrounding the sprinkler head, pressing against it until the flanges touch the ceiling or wall.

The threaded center adapter ring cannot be removed without disconnecting the sprinkler from the piping system. Replacing the full assembly—both cup and center adapter—will require shutting down the supply of water to that sprinkler head and removing the head. Follow the instructions provided for your specific Viking model.

Can I paint my escutcheons?

The Viking Model NP-1 Recessed Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon should never be painted. Consumers looking to match the finish of their escutcheon to their sprinkler head need to purchase manufacturer-painted products with the desired colors.

QRFS’s stock of NP-1 escutcheons also includes:

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More Information
Escutcheon Type Recessed
Escutcheon Fits Sprinkler Connection Size 1/2"
Escutcheon Finish White
Escutcheon Retrofit No
Escutcheon Adjustable Yes
Escutcheon Adjustment 1/2"
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