Double Jacket Fire Hose | 400 PSI Service | 1-1/2 in.


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Double Jacket Fire Hose | 1-1/2 in.
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This 1-1/2 in. Double Jacket Fire Hose is engineered for industrial and municipal use. Ready to carry water or other fire retardants, this hose meets UL standards and NFPA 1962 standards for tensile strength, liner adhesion, and hydrostatic testing.

This heavy-duty hose features a 100% polyester double jacket with a single-ply extruded synthetic rubber. The outer jacket uses 100% polyester yarns, filament and spun, for high strength, lightweight, flexible, and low elongation hose.  The jacket resists chemicals, minimized UV exposure, and repels mold and mildew. The lining is bound to the outer jacket and is specifically designed to minimize friction to provide maximum flow rates. Each hose is stamped with "Service Test to 400 PSI per NFPA 1962" and the service date.

Pressure Ratings:

  • 400 PSI Service Pressure
  • 800 PSI Proof Test Pressure
  • 1350 PSI Burst Pressure

Temperature Rating:

  • -40F to 180F


  • Lengths: 50 ft., 75 ft., and 100 ft.
  • Coupling Material: Uncoupled, Aluminum, and Brass
  • Coupling Type: NST/NH or IPT/NPSH

Customizations including color, coupling variations, and stamped UL Approval are available upon request.


1-1/2 in.
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Double Jacket | 1-1/2 in. | 400 PSI


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