Grooved Drain Cap | GemLock® | 1-1/2 in. | Style F155D

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Grooved Drain Cap | GemLock® | 1-1/2 in. | Style F155D

Grooved Drain Cap | GemLock® | 1-1/2 in. | Style F155D
Grooved Drain Cap | GemLock® | 1-1/2 in. | Style F155D
Grooved Drain Cap | GemLock® | 1-1/2 in. | Style F155D
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Grooved Drain Cap | GemLock® | 1-1/2 in. | Style F155D
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GemLock Grooved Drain Cap

This Grooved 1 in. Tapped Drain Cap features one 1-1/2 in. grooved connection and one 1 in. Tapped Hole to be used in grooved piping, including specifically fire sprinkler piping systems, allowing for proper water flow and fast installation. This drain cap is available in the following sizes:

1-1/4 in., 1-1/2 in., 2 in., 2-1/2 in., 3 in., 4 in., 6 in., 8 in.

You can select your preferred size from the “Options” section at the top of this product page. Accessories compatible with this grooved drain cap include other GemLock grooved fittings and Pipe Joint Lubricant.

GemLock is a leader in the grooved pipe market – their grooved fittings are reliable and faster to install than welding threading, or flanging, resulting in drastically lower installation costs comparatively. GemLock grooved fittings provide a clean, consistent, and strong connection for optimal water flow when used with compatible products.

GemLock Standard Grooved Fire Sprinkler Pipe Fittings are full flow design, made of durable, high-strength ductile iron conforming to ASTM A536, with every lot metallurgically tested for compliance. Pressure Ratings of GemLock Grooved Drain Caps are tested to a maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI*.

*Maximum pressure includes surges and maximum end loads from all internal and external forces, to which a joint could be subject under normal working conditions. This rating provides a nominal safety factor of 1.5 times working pressure based on standard weight steel pipe. Maximum working pressure may be subjected to a one-time field test of 1.5 times the figures indicated.

GemLock Grooved Drain Cap Listings, Approvals, and Other Information

Each Drain Cap is made by GemLock, a New York-based manufacturer of fire sprinkler grooved pipe fittings, HVAC, plumbing and grooved tubing. All GemLock grooved piping system fittings are UL Listed and FM Approved. Refer to installations and groove specifications when assembling any grooved product.

All GemLock Ductile Iron Drainage fittings conform to ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12. Allowable pipe end separation is for cut groove pipe for roll groove; figures will be one-half of the values listed at time of initial pressurization.

Certain GemLock product families and all GemLock Grooved fittings 8 in. and larger are only available upon request and are not available for immediate shipping.

Manufacturer Part Number:
Drain Cap
Style F155D
1-1/2 in.
Size Detail:
1-1/2 in. Grooved x 1 in. Tapped Hole
UL Listed:
FM Approved:
Rated Working Water Pressure:
300 PSI
1.25 in. (31.75 mm)
0.5 lb. (0.23 kg)
Available Box/Pack Quantity:
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