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Pitot Gauge Kit Handle | Hex

Hex Pitot Handle is made from machined and rounded solid brass, providing a solid grip for conducting flow tests at fire hydrants and fire hose nozzles. Includes quick-connect fittings for use with a pitot blade and 1/4” (6.35 mm) NPT pressure gauge.
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Part NumberConstructionLengthIncludes
101HTH Nickel-Plated Brass 8" (203 mm) Quick Disconnect Fitting
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Product Description

Hex Pitot Handle is machined from solid brass hex stock for measuring water flows from fire hose nozzles, fire hydrants, and other water-based systems. This tube is nickel-plated and features rounded corners for a secure one-handed or two-handed grip.

Brass quick-connect fittings join this Hex Pitot Handle to a pressure gauge and pitot blade (sold separately) with stainless steel locking balls, making it easy to rotate the gauge or drain the tube with no twisting required. Designed for use with 1/4” (6.35 mm) NPT pressure gauges.

This Hex Pitot Handle is compatible with a range of pitot blades and pitot gauges, making it an excellent replacement or upgrade to the pitot gauge kits used by city officials and professional contractors to measure water flows in gallons per minute (GPM) using a pitot gauge theoretical discharge conversion table.

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