Maintaining Fire Protection Systems E-Book


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Maintaining Fire Protection Systems E-Book

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Maintaining Fire Protection Systems E-Book
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Governments and insurance companies require fire protection systems because they save lives and property.

But what is often lost along the way are the long-term responsibilites for property owners after the system is installed.

Equally important as installing these systems is maintaining them and staying up to code.

This eBook explains common compliance gaps and the risks of failing to complete and document installations, inspections, testing, and maintenance.  

In over 30 pages of analysis featuring interviews with industry insiders and case studies, this eBook explains:

  • The rules: who is responsible for what
  • How government enforcement works
  • The risks of property loss, injuries, or deaths
  • Denied insurance claims and lost coverage
  • Lawsuits, fines, and other consequences

Whether you're a building owner seeking clarity or a fire protection pro who needs to explain these concepts to others, this eBook is for you.

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