Permabond® | HL126 Anaerobic Threadlocker | 1 L Bottle Weld Seal

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Permabond HL126 Threadlocker & Weld Seal

Permabond HL126 Threadlocker & Weld Seal is a versatile & useful product for ensuring strong connections in metal piping systems with pre- and post-assembled fasteners while also functioning as a weld seal. It has a water-thin anaerobic viscosity, meaning it does not need oxygen to cure, and because of its thinness, can penetrate the micro pores in most metallic surfaces prior to curing.

This product prevents vibration loosening as a threadlocker and offers environmentally friendly, weatherproof, and reliable seals as a threadlocker and weld seal. It has a green color, making it visible during application, and can be used in application temperatures of -55-168F. this product should be stored at 41-77F and has an approximate 24 hour full cure time, with a handling cure time of just 15 minutes. It is formulated for use on clean, degreased metal parts and its not recommended for use with strong oxidizing materials or plastics. When creating a tight seal or a solid bond, there is nothing quite as versatile as anaerobic sealants and adhesives. Whether locking threads or resealing leaky welding joints, having the right viscosity and strength in a product is key, and Permabond HL126 will have you covered for just about anything.

How to Use Permabond HL126 Thread Locker for Weld Sealing

  1. Expose the weld. Remove dirt, rust, scale, and/or paint from the weld area to expose the metal surface.
  2. Bleed or Drain the system of all water and pressure to allow the HL126 to wick into the porosities.
  3. Find out whether or not it is a chemical system, and if it is, consult the Material Data Safety Sheets for advice. It is vital that you know exactly what the chemicals are and what their flammable points are, so do your research before going near a chemical system. HEAT SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH A CHEMICAL SYSTEM.
  4. If it is not a chemical system, heat the area to 120°F (50°C) or higher. Using heat will expand and activate the metal as well as evaporate any water.
  5. Once the metal is warmed sufficiently, apply the Permabond HL126 to the joint being resealed, using either a paintbrush or a clean piece of cloth. Apply it liberally and put a couple of coats on so that it soaks right into any cracks, porosities, and spaces in the joint.
  6. Leave it to set.

How to Use Permabond HL126 Thread Locker for Threadlocking

Pre-Assembled Fasteners:

  1. Apply Permabond HL126 to the threads of the fasteners before inserting them into their respective holes. Except for closed or blind holes. For blind holes, also apply the sealant to the bottom of the hole to prevent air pressure from forcing the fastener out or leaving voids on the thread.
  2. Allow it to set.

Post-Assembled Fasteners:

  1. Apply Permabond HL126 to the head of the fastener and then allow it to wick down the threads before insertion.
  2. Leave it to set and dry.
Product Type:
HL126 Anaerobic Threadlocker
1 L
UL Listed:
FBC Approved:
Application Temperature Range:
Storage Temperature:
Full Cure Time:
24 hrs.
Handling Cure Time:
15 min.
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3 lb. (1.36 kg)
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