Reliable® CCP Cover Plate | Off White Painted | 165F | 1/2 in. Adj. | 6687161674

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Reliable® CCP Cover Plate | Off White | 165F | 1/2 in. Adjustment | QRFS | Hero

Reliable® CCP Cover Plate | Off White | 165F | 1/2 in. Adjustment | QRFS | Hero
Reliable® CCP Cover Plate | Off White | 165F | 1/2 in. Adjustment | QRFS | Family
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Reliable® CCP Cover Plate | Off White | 165F | 1/2 in. Adjustment | QRFS | Hero
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Reliable CCP Domed Fire Sprinkler Cover Plate

Reliable CCP Off White Fire Sprinkler Cover Plate with 165F (74C) activation temperature. This fire sprinkler cover works with certain Reliable/RASCO concealed pendent fire sprinklers.  The CCP cover facilitates timely activation of these Reliable concealed fire sprinkler heads with a temperature rating of 135F (57C) or 165F (74C). The outer diameter of this cover is 3-5/16 in. This Reliable cover plate is available with a 1/2 in. adjustment or 5/16 in. adjustment. This Reliable Model CCP Cover features a finished brass plate to go along with a copper plated steel skirt and a brass spring.

The Reliable CCP cover plate is a conical concealed cover plate used with compatible pendent sprinklers.  It provides push-on or threaded connection into the sprinklers cup. This cover plate is available in six finishes. These finishes include White Painted, Off White Painted, Black Painted, Chrome, Satin Chrome, and Bright Brass.  Along with these base finishes, for an additional fee Reliable will custom paint this cover in any finish you prefer, so long as the paint is from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams. Contact QRFS customer support for more details.

Reliable CCP Domed Cover Plate Sprinkler Head Compatibility and Listings

This Sprinkler Head Cover Plate from Reliable may be listed by UL, FM, and/or other organizations depending on the sprinkler it’s being used with. It meets the requirements of a sprinkler assembly per NFPA 13, where approved by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction. It installs by simply pushing or threading the cover into the sprinkler’s frame, and can be adjusted up to 1/2 in. or 5/16 in. The recommended hole diameter when installing sprinkler heads using this cover is 2-5/8 in., and protrudes 15/16 in. from the ceiling.

To remove your existing cover plate, gently twist the cover to the left while applying downward pressure by pulling gently as you turn.

When this fire sprinkler cover plate reaches its specified temperature of 135F (57C) or 165F (74C), the solder holding the plate's decorative exterior on the frame melts, and the two separate. For many cover plates, the rated temperature is at least 20F (6.7C) cooler than the sprinkler head's activation temperature, which ensures that the cover plate detaches early enough to allow the sprinkler to activate on time. However, each manufacturer's product line varies slightly, and cover plate temperatures may be closer to or further away from the fire sprinkler's activation temperature. Use only the cover plate approved by the manufacturer for your specific sprinkler.

Reliable CCP Cover Plate Finishes, Temperatures, and Listed Accessories

This Reliable CCP fire sprinkler dome is readily available in White Painted and Chrome, and can be ordered in Off White Painted, Black Painted, Satin Chrome, and Bright Brass upon request. It is available in two temperatures: 135F (57C) or 165F (74C). Additionally, this domed cover plate is available with a 1/2 in. adjustment or 5/16 in. adjustment. You can choose from all the available options by selecting from the dropdown at the top of the page. Find all related products in the Frequently Bought Together section above.

This Sprinkler Cover Plate fits the following Reliable concealed sprinkler heads:

  • RA1414
  • RA2614
Manufacturer Part Number:
Installation Type:
Push On or Thread On
1/2 in.
Outer Diameter:
3-5/16 in.
Inner Diameter:
2-3/16 in.
Off White
Finish Detail:
Off White Painted
Corrosion Resistant:
UL Listed:
FM Approved:
3.31 in. (84.07 mm)
3.31 in. (84.07 mm)
1.8 in. (45.72 mm)
0.28 lb. (0.13 kg)
1/2 in. Adjustment
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