Scorpion 2011 | ASD System Tester | Mounted Testing for ASD Systems

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Scorpion™ 2011 | ASD System Tester | ASD Systems | QRFS | Hero Image

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Scorpion™ 2011 | ASD System Tester | ASD Systems | QRFS | Hero Image
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Scorpion Point & ASD Smoke Detector Testers

Scorpion is the solution for testing smoke detectors in buildings with hard-to-access detectors, such as those found in Point and Aspirating Smoke Detector (ASD) systems. Scorpion offers a product for both systems to ensure all smoke detectors can be operational – regardless of location. Scorpion makes testing smoke detectors in lift shafts, warehouses, ceiling voids and secure areas as simple as testing detectors within easy reach.

The Scorpion Point Smoke Detector Tester is permanently installed alongside a smoke detector, testing is then initiated from a hand-held controller (not included) via a conveniently sited access point. The Scorpion ASD system tester is permanently mounted adjacent to a sampling point on an ASD system pipe – typically at the end of the run. Just one unit is required for each pipe run regardless of the number of sampling points.

Point Smoke Detectors vs. Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD)

ASD (Aspirating Smoke Detection) and point smoke detectors are two distinct types of smoke detection systems, each with its advantages and applications. Point smoke detectors are the more traditional and widely used type, typically found in residential and commercial buildings. These detectors are installed individually at specific locations, such as ceilings, and rely on smoke particles physically entering their sensing chamber to trigger an alarm. Point smoke detectors are cost-effective and suitable for smaller spaces, but they might have limitations in detecting smoke in large or inaccessible areas.

On the other hand, ASD smoke detectors offer a more advanced and sensitive approach to smoke detection. By actively aspirating air from a network of sampling points, ASD systems can detect smoke particles at their earliest stages, providing an early warning for potential fire hazards. The continuous air sampling reduces the risk of false alarms caused by environmental factors, making ASD systems well-suited for critical environments like data centers, clean rooms, and industrial facilities. While ASD smoke detectors might have higher upfront costs and more complex installations, their ability to cover larger areas and provide early detection makes them ideal for applications where safety and reliability are paramount.

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ASD System Tester
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ASD Systems
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Scorpion Controller (7000)
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2001-001 Point Head Unit & Mounting Bracket, 25-001 Access Point
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