Solo Smoke Starter 809 | Smoke Detector Test Kit | 15 Total Pieces!

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Solo™ Smoke Starter 809 | Smoke Detector Test Kit | QRFS | Hero Image

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Solo™ Smoke Starter 809 | Smoke Detector Test Kit | QRFS | Hero Image
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Solo 808 Smoke Starter Smoke Detector Test Kit

The Solo 808 Smoke Starter Smoke Detector Test kit contains everything you need to test smoke detectors safely and reliably.

Featuring a Solo 330 Aerosol dispenser, test the effectiveness and functionality of smoke detectors that are 4 in. diameter or smaller. The dispenser is placed over the detector to conserve smoke during testing, causing less waste and a quicker test, saving you money and time. This product is detector manufacturer approved and UL Listed.

The aerosols included in this kit are 12 cans of the Smoke Centurion M8 2.6 oz Canned Smoke. This silicone free aerosol is detector manufacturer approved & UL Listed and is compatible with leading detector brands and manufacturers. This canned smoke is CFC Free and with a low GWP propellant, protecting the global environment. It is also Silicone Free which prevents detector contamination, protecting the local environment.

To make it easier to reach detectors on the top of the wall or ceiling, this kit contains the Solo 100 15 ft. Telescopic access pole, which extends from 4.8-14.9 ft. and is compatible with the Solo 330 dispenser head unit. This pole extends similar to a telescope in a quick and easy manner.

The contents of this kit all arrive in a convenient and comfortable Solo 604 long-style Carrying Bag.

Why You Should Always Test Smoke Detectors

Ensuring the proper functioning of smoke detectors through regular testing is of paramount importance for safeguarding lives and properties. Smoke detectors serve as the frontline defense against the devastating impact of fires, providing early warnings that enable swift evacuation and timely intervention by firefighters. Regular testing of smoke detectors guarantees that these life-saving devices are operational when it matters most.

It allows you to identify potential malfunctions, low battery levels, or blocked sensors, ensuring that the detectors remain responsive and reliable. Neglecting smoke detector testing can lead to false alarms, delayed response during emergencies, or even complete failure in detecting smoke, endangering occupants, and increasing fire damage. Otherwise, adhering to testing schedules not only complies with fire safety regulations but also instills a sense of confidence and peace of mind in occupants, knowing that a vigilant fire detection system is in place.

Manufacturer Part Number:
Product Type:
Smoke Detector Test Kit
Smoke Starter 809
Detector Compatibility:
4 in. Diameter
Access Pole:
Solo 100 15 ft.
Solo 330
Smoke Centurion (12)
Solo 604 Long Bag
Kit Contents:
15 Total Pieces
Sourced Location:
52 in. (1320.8 mm)
9 in. (228.6 mm)
14 in. (355.6 mm)
12 lb. (5.44 kg)
Box/Pack Quantity:
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