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HT-454 Hydrostatic Test Pump | 400 PSI / 3.0 GPM | 120V AC

HT-454 Hydrostatic Test Pump delivers up to 400 PSI and 3.0 GPM in a 34-pound kit including hoses, lightweight brass piping, a silicon-filled gauge, and a 120V AC pump. Perfect for fire sprinkler and standpipe hydrostatic acceptance and revision testing, small-scale water transfers, and vent-line filling.
Part NumberRated PressureRated FlowPressure Gauge
HT454 Up to 400 PSI Up to 3.0 GPM Silicone-Filled, 0 PSI to 600 PSI
WeightDimensionsDischarge HoseAdditional Contents
34 lbs 12" W x 12" L x 8" H (305 mm x 305 mm x 203 mm) 10' (3 m) Outlet Hose with Quick Disconnect Fitting In-Line Check Valve, Heavy-Duty Carrying Case, Inlet Hose
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Product Description

HT-454 Hydrostatic Test Pump (120 Volt AC) contains everything needed for hydrostatic testing of standpipes, fire sprinklers, fire sprinkler system plumbing, and other water-based systems in a portable, heavy-duty 12" x 12" x 8" (305 mm x 305 mm x 203 mm) metal case. This electric hydrostatic pump delivers up to 400 PSI of pressure, allowing it to easily provide the pressure required for most NFPA hydrostatic tests. This pump also moves up to 3 gallons per minute (3.0 GPM), making it suitable for applications involving small and medium-sized buildings with pipe diameters below six inches.

The HT-454 Hydrostatic Test Pump includes a silicon-filled pressure gauge, stabilizing the gauge needle for better performance and longer product life in pulsating or vibrating environments. This kit weighs in at only 34 pounds, making it a comparable, lightweight alternative to the Rice EL1A.

Each 120V AC HT-454 Hydrostatic Test Pump is ideal for small and medium-scale fire safety applications, including fire sprinkler and standpipe acceptance and revision testing, as well as small-scale water transfers or vent-line filling in carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, and various plumbing applications. The swiveled inlet connection and included supply hose make connecting a water source easy from any angle.

The 120V AC HT-454 Hydrostatic Test Pump also features an in-line check valve to prevent backflow to municipal or other water source and a suction-side strainer to filter debris and minimize flooding. This pump also includes 10' (3 m) of discharge hose with quick-disconnect couplings that make it easy to show fire officials that the system is successfully maintaining pressure.

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