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Fire Alarm Bell Wire Guard

Keep indoor and outdoor bells safe and in compliance with this 12" bell guard. Made from wire with a corrosion-resistant finish, this guard shields 6", 8", or 10" fire bells against light impact and nesting birds.
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Bell Guard/Wire Shield (12" Diameter)

  • Recommended for fire alarm bells installed outdoors, as well as school gymnasiums, hotels, and other high-traffic areas
  • Fits standard 6", 8", and 10" bells
  • Durable wire features a corrosion-resistant finish
  • Made for compliance with NFPA 13 and NFPA 72 rules for bells faced with damage
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Do I need a bell guard for my alarm?

Fire bells in sprinkler systems, alarm systems, and non-fire applications face a variety of threats. Light impact, vandalism, and nesting birds can cause bells to fail or experience dangerous short-circuits.

In fire protection, bell guards help alarm bells meet the requirements of leading sprinkler installation rules (NFPA 13) and fire alarm system codes (NFPA 72). Specifically, these standards require that:

  • Outdoor bells acting as part of a fire sprinkler (or standpipe) waterflow alarm be protected against impact (NFPA 13, -2019 edition)
  • Devices installed as part of a fire alarm system be protected against any damage they may face (NFPA 72, 18.3.4 - 2017 edition)

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What are the benefits of bell guards?

This 12" bell guard fits standard 6", 8", and 10" fire bells. A hole in this guard's center faciltiates attachment to a screw or bolt in the center of a gong. The fire-engine-red coating protects the wire from corrosion, making it suitable for installation outdoors, as well as in school gymnasiums, hotels, and other high-traffic areas.

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ABCA Usually ships within 48 hours Arizona or Virginia
Shipping Weight
1.1 lbs.



Diameter Depth
12" (30 cm) 3-3/16" (8.1 cm)
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