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Shutgun Replacement Parts | Link Spring

Attach this cast-aluminum link spring to your Shutgun, along with a fusible link (sold separately), to return your fire sprinkler shut off tool to working condition after use.
SKU Material Compatible Shutgun Models
SGREPSP Cast Aluminum Standard, Concealed, Institutional, or Sheared Shutgun
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One Link Spring Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

Link Spring for Original, Sheared, Concealed, or Institutional Shutgun Fire Sprinkler Tools

This link spring restores a Shutgun fire sprinkler tool to normal operation after a fire, allowing it to act as a temporary fire sprinkler head after an accidental activation incident. Shutgun fire sprinkler tools feature a heat-sensitive metal link that detaches at temperatures over 164F (73C). This spring sits behind the link, helping the Shutgun to fall away from system piping when high temperatures indicate that a fire may be in progress.

Often, this link spring should be combined with a new fusible link, tips, and rubber pads, which may all be damaged when a fire causes the Shutgun to detach.

What is a Shutgun?

Shutgun is a fire sprinkler shut off tool, originally created to fit 1/2″ sprinkler heads. This fire sprinkler stopper clamp is equipped with a fusible link thermal element that activates at 164F (73C), keeping a fire sprinkler system operational until a replacement is installed. 

QRFS offers four Shutgun-brand fire sprinkler shutoff tools—and a complete kit that contains all four:

Shutgun’s design allows for the closure of a wide range of sprinklers, including semi-recessed, pendent, horizontal sidewall, & upright fire sprinklers. Without a fire sprinkler stopper, sprinkler discharge can only be stopped at the main valve or a local shutoff valve. Fire code may require personnel to patrol the building or even evacuate until the broken head is replaced.

Shutgun stops water damage caused by accidental fire sprinkler discharge. Vandalism, human error, and industrial accidents can lead to mold, mildew, damaged carpets, and a host of other expensive issues. This fire sprinkler shutoff device is a must-have tool for contractors, movers, painters, cleaners, and anybody who works in close proximity to fire sprinklers.

How do I apply the attachment?

To secure this link spring to a Shutgun fire sprinkler tool:

  • Make sure all parts of the worn spring and/or fusible link are removed.
  • Place the spring onto the end of the shaft, and slide up as far it can go.
  • Slide a new fusible link onto the shaft, ensuring that the long tip rests inside the arm.
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