Ashcroft 1009AW Pressure Gauge | Dry Dial | 1% Accuracy | 3-1/2 in.

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$97.50 - $127.50
Ashcroft Duralife Plus! Test Gauge - Stabilized
Ashcroft Dry Duralife Plus! Gauge - Pick your Gauge Range!
Ashcroft Duralife Plus! Test Gauge - Stabilized
1/4" NPT Inlet on Ashcroft Dry Gauge
Ashcroft Dry Gauge Top
Warning Label: Do Not Use on Oxygen

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Ashcroft Duralife Plus! Test Gauge - Stabilized
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Ashcroft 3-1/2 in. dry gauge featuring Flutterguard technology get great readings, every time!

Lightweight and versatile, this gauge has Grade 1A 1% full-scale accuracy resulting in steady, consistent readings even with pulsations. The unique PowerFlex movement utilizes a unique suspended construction which isolates the gauge movement from the socket, thereby reducing the effects of shocks and vibration. In addition, the PowerFlex removes nine of the thirteen gear components. 1/4 in. (quarter-inch) NPT connection. This indicator reads as steady as a liquid filled gauge!

For $30 more, this 3-1/2 in. Dry Dial Pressure Gauge arrives tested and certified to standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to meet the exacting standards of accuracy demanded by clients in the U.S. Navy, Army, and aviation industries, amongst others.

Available dial ranges?

This gauge is available in multiple dial ranges. To prolong your gauge’s life, choose a range that places your expected pressures at the center of the dial or in the mid-range. For example, for testing outlets with 30 PSI choose a 0-60 PSI gauge range or for testing outlets with 50 PSI choose a 100 PSI gauge range.

Dial Ranges Major #'d Graduations Minor Graduations Smallest Graduations
-30-0-200 PSI 20 10 2
-30-0-100 PSI 10 5 1
0-30 PSI 5 1 1/2
0-60 PSI 5 5 1
0-100 PSI 10 5 1
0-160 PSI 20 10 2
0-200 PSI 20 10 2
0-300 PSI 30 10 5
0-400 PSI 50 25 5


3-1/2 in.
Size Detail:
3-1/2 in. Gauge
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FM Approved:
Gauge Fill:
Stainless Steel

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