Solo 851 Smoke, Heat, CO | Universal Detector Test Kit | 9 Total Pieces!

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Solo™ 851 Smoke, Heat, CO | Universal Detector Test Kit | QRFS | Hero Image

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Solo™ 851 Smoke, Heat, CO | Universal Detector Test Kit | QRFS | Hero Image
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Solo 851 Smoke, Heat & CO Technician’s Universal Detector Test Kit

The Solo 851 Technician’s Universal Detector Test contains everything you need to test smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors safely and reliably.

For smoke and CO detector testing, it features a Solo 330 Aerosol dispenser, test the effectiveness and functionality of smoke & CO detectors that are 4 in. diameter or smaller. The dispenser is placed over the detector to conserve smoke during testing, causing less waste and a quicker test, saving you money and time. This product is detector manufacturer approved and UL Listed.

For heat detector testing, this kit contains the Solo 460 Cordless Heat Detector Tester head unit, a quick, simple, and reliable way to test the functionality of most heat detectors, including fixed-temperature, rate-of-rise, and combination detectors. Cordless heat detector testers provide free-range use with no cables, leads, or wires getting in the way. The head unit can be applied at an angle and/or paired with Solo Access Poles for heights.

To power the Solo 460, you can use the 2 included Solo 770 3000 mAh NiMH rechargeable battery batons. These batteries are charged with the included Solo 727 220/240v fast battery charger. Using nominal 110/240VAC mains or 12VDC in-vehicle power, this product will charge a fully depleted Solo battery in 60-90 minutes.

For detector removal and installation, this kit also has the Solo 200 Universal Detector Removal & Installation tool, which aids in the removal or installation of the vast majority of common detectors found on the market today. Using its color-coded rotating heads, this tool provides a combination of sizes and settings to suit the different detectors, and uniquely adapts to different models, shapes, and sizes of smoke, CO, and Heat detectors.

To make it easier to reach detectors on the top of the wall or ceiling, this kit contains the Solo 100 15 ft. Telescopic access pole, which extends from 4.8-14.9 ft. and is compatible with all Solo head units. This pole extends like a telescope in a quick and easy manner. If 15 ft. still isn’t enough, this kit also contains the Solo 101 4 ft. Extension pole, which adds 3.9 ft. to your testing height capability, typically used as an extension to Solo 100.

The contents of this kit all arrive in a convenient and comfortable Solo 610 Carrying Bag.

Solo 851 Universal Kit Contents List

The full contents of this kit include:

1 x Solo 100 15 ft. Access Pole

1 x Solo 101 4 ft. Extension Pole

1 x Solo 200 Universal Removal Tool

1 x Solo 330 Dispenser

1 x Solo 460 Heat Detector Tester

1 x Solo 727 Battery Charger

2 x Solo 770 Battery Batons

1 x Solo 610 Carrying Bag

Manufacturer Part Number:
Product Type:
Universal Detector Test Kit
851 Smoke, Heat, CO
Detector Compatibility:
4 in. Diameter
Access Pole:
Solo 100 15 ft. & Solo 101 4 ft.
Solo 330
Solo 460 Heat Detector Tester
Solo 610 Square Bag
Battery Components:
727 Battery Charger, 770 Battery Baton (2)
Kit Contents:
9 Total Pieces
Sourced Location:
53 in. (1346.2 mm)
18 in. (457.2 mm)
12 in. (304.8 mm)
31 lb. (14.06 kg)
Box/Pack Quantity:
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