Viking® E-1 Escutcheon | Bright Brass | 1/2 in. Sprinkler | 06419AB

Manufacturer Part Number:

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Viking® E-1 Escutcheon | Bright Brass | 1/2 in. Sprinkler | QRFS | Hero

Viking® E-1 Escutcheon | Bright Brass | 1/2 in. Sprinkler | QRFS | Hero
Viking® E-1 Escutcheon | Bright Brass | 1/2 in. Sprinkler | QRFS | Top | Shown in Chrome finish
Viking® E-1 Escutcheon | Bright Brass | 1/2 in. Sprinkler | QRFS | Family
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Viking® E-1 Escutcheon | Bright Brass | 1/2 in. Sprinkler | QRFS | Hero
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Viking E-1 Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon

This Viking E-1 Recessed Sprinkler Escutcheon features an aesthetically pleasing brass finish on steel, has an outer diameter of 3-1/16 in. and a 5/8 in. adjustment. This two-piece non-split escutcheon is available for Viking fire sprinklers with a 1/2 in. 3/4 in., and 3/8 in. orifice and has a vertical adjustment up to 5/8 in. These Viking E-1 escutcheons are Push On design, meaning you simply push into the sprinkler’s adapter to install.

The Viking E-1 Recessed Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon guarantees proper sprinkler head activation by covering the gap left by a hole saw when a fire sprinkler is installed. Keep your system compliant by using the listed fire sprinkler escutcheon for your sprinkler.

Viking E-1 Recessed Escutcheon Compatibility, Listings, and Other Information

When combined with a listed sprinkler head, this recessed escutcheon may carry listings from UL, FM and/or other organizations, depending on the sprinkler it is installed with. Refer to the specific sprinkler’s technical datasheet for specific approvals. Whether you’re installing a new fire sprinkler system or just need replacement fire sprinkler escutcheons, be sure that it works with your model sprinkler!

Viking E-1 escutcheons made of Steel are available with finishes including Bright Brass, Polished Chrome, White Polyester, and Black Polyester, and Stainless Steel material available with finishes including Polished Chrome, White Polyester, and Electroless Nickel PTFE. These escutcheons are to be installed with manufacturer defined fire sprinkler heads with a 3/8 in., 1/2 in., or 3/4 in. orifice. See list above to check for sprinkler head compatibility.

Viking recessed and adjustable escutcheons provide a low-profile decorative recessed sprinkler installation. These two-piece escutcheons allow installation and testing of the sprinklers prior to installing the ceiling or wall, and are made to allow for minor adjustments due to pipe or ceiling pitch. These escutcheons can be removed and reinstalled, allowing access above removable ceiling panels for servicing building equipment without shutting down the sprinkler system and removing the sprinkler.

This Sprinkler Escutcheon fits the following Viking sprinkler heads:

  • VK003
  • VK004
  • VK008
  • VK015
  • VK023
  • VK102
  • VK104
  • VK110
  • VK112
  • VK116
  • VK132
  • VK134
  • VK202
  • VK302
  • VK303
  • VK304
  • VK305
  • VK307
  • VK308
  • VK317
  • VK318
  • VK319
  • VK320
  • VK329
  • VK330
  • VK331
  • VK332
  • VK333
  • VK334
  • VK342
  • VK343
  • VK344
  • VK346
  • VK430
  • VK432
  • VK435
  • VK436
  • VK438
  • VK440
  • VK442
  • VK446
  • VK448
  • VK450
  • VK452
  • VK453
  • VK460
  • VK466
  • VK468
  • VK4680
  • VK470
  • VK4700
  • VK472
  • VK479
  • VK484
  • VK4840
  • VK486
  • VK4860
  • VK600
  • VK601
  • VK604
  • VK605
  • VK607
  • VK609
  • VK610
  • VK611
  • VK612
  • VK613
  • VK910
  • VK1021
  • VK2022
  • VK3021
  • VK3522
  • VK122
  • VK4660
Manufacturer Part Number:
Label Number:
Installation Type:
Push On
5/8 in.
Outer Diameter:
3-1/16 in.
Inner Diameter:
2-1/8 in.
Sprinkler Size:
1/2 in. Sprinkler
Finish Detail:
Bright Brass
Corrosion Resistant:
UL Listed:
FM Approved:
3.06 in. (77.72 mm)
3.06 in. (77.72 mm)
1.06 in. (26.92 mm)
0.23 lb. (0.1 kg)
Available Box/Pack Quantity:
5/8 in. Adjustment
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