Senju Fire Sprinklers

Senju sets itself apart from other fire sprinkler manufacturers by offering the widest variety of custom colors and finishes. If good looks that blend with your décor are a priority along with reliable performance, Senju sprinklers are a great choice. Known for a wide variety of cover plate finishes for concealed sprinklers, uniquely designed sprinklers, and specific models with uncommon K-Factors, finding Senju sprinklers to meet your system’s requirements and complement your space is easy.

Senju fire sprinklers and cover plates for concealed models are available in standard chrome, brown, white, black, and brass finishes. Cover plates also have many more options: mirrored, beige, ivory, nickel, copper mirror, five choices of wood grain, and completely customized finishes upon customer request. carries Senju sprinklers in pendent, concealed pendent, upright, and sidewall orientations for residential and commercial systems. Check them out here, and call us at 888-361-6662 if you have any questions.