Victaulic Fire Sprinklers

Victaulic, founded a century ago as Victory Pipe Joint Co., grew from an innovative supplier of grooved pipes and couplings to one of the world's biggest fire protection equipment companies. So, what sets Victaulic fire sprinklers apart? The company’s selection is accessible and uncomplicated, though Victaulic sprinkler heads fit many applications and have approvals in jurisdictions across the globe. As long as you know the correct sprinkler identification number (SIN) or a sprinkler’s essential specs, Victaulic makes it easy to choose the model you need.

Victaulic fire sprinkler heads include all styles and orientations – pendent, concealed pendent, upright, sidewall, and special applications — in various activation temperatures, k-factors, response types, sizes, and other characteristics. Victaulic fire sprinklers have standard finishes of chrome, white, and brass. Cover plates for concealed sprinklers are available in white, bright white, off-white, chrome, black, and custom colors on request.

You can read our Guide to Victaulic Sprinkler Heads or call us at 888-361-6662 for more information.