Tyco Fire Sprinklers

When it comes to fire protection, Tyco — now merged with fire, HVAC, and security giant Johnson Controls — means business. Between the company's massive portfolio of holdings and its international presence, Tyco provides many choices for fire protection professionals and building owners. There are three key reasons you might choose Tyco sprinklers over another manufacturer: massive inventory and options, international approvals, and direct replacements for some discontinued sprinklers and brands, including companies Tyco acquired over the years: Central, Gem, Grinnell, and Star.

Tyco sprinklers are available for every application — different fire sprinkler orientations, response types, k-factors, temperature ratings, finishes, and special applications. QRFS.com carries a vast collection of Tyco fire sprinkler heads, escutcheons, cover plates, and installation tools to fit your building’s needs.

For more information, read our Essential Guide to Tyco Sprinkler Heads, or call us at 888-361-6662.

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