Adjustable (401)

If your sprinklers require escutcheons, but the distances between supply pipes and ceilings or walls vary, you need adjustable escutcheons. These devices cover the holes surrounding fire sprinkler heads that were cut during installation, making sprinklers look cleaner and ensuring they work correctly.

As with other escutcheons, adjustable escutcheons look great and prevent heat from escaping around the sprinkler and through the hole, which can delay sprinkler activation. But as the name says, they are adjustable! They have two pieces: an escutcheon skirt that covers standard installation holes and a cup that moves up and down to meet different distances between sprinklers and walls or ceilings. QRFS offers adjustable escutcheon plates in various sizes, finishes, and manufacturers, plus ‘split-ring retrofit’ models that make replacement far easier.

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