Shutgun | Concealed Heads | Shut Off Fire Sprinklers Fast!


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Concealed Head Shutgun | Shut Off Concealed Fire Sprinklers Fast!
Concealed Head Shutgun in Use
Concealed Head Shutgun | Shut Off Concealed Fire Sprinklers Fast!
Concealed Head Shutgun | Probe extends to shut off sprinkler heads.

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Concealed Head Shutgun | Shut Off Concealed Fire Sprinklers Fast!
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Concealed Head Shutgun is a fire sprinkler shut off tool for concealed fire sprinkler heads. This fire sprinkler stopper gun is equipped with a fusible link thermal element that activates at 164F (73C), keeping a fire sprinkler system operational until a replacement is installed. The Concealed Head Shutgun features extended probes that are long enough to reach inside the opening of a concealed sprinkler that is recessed into the ceiling, helping you stop the activated sprinkler head quickly.

Shutgun's design allows for the closure of a wide range of sprinklers, including concealed pendant fire sprinklers. Without a fire sprinkler stopper, sprinkler discharge can only be stopped at the main valve or a local shutoff valve. Fire code may require personnel to patrol the building or even evacuate until the broken head is replaced.

Concealed Head Shutgun stops water damage caused by accidental fire sprinkler discharge: vandalism, human error, and industrial accidents can lead to mold, mildew, damaged carpets, and a host of other expensive issues. This fire sprinkler shutoff device is a must-have tool for contractors, movers, painters, cleaners, and anybody who works in close proximity to fire sprinklers.

Shutgun Instructions

1) Place the long probe of the Shutgun in the opening of the concealed sprinkler head.

2) Squeeze the Shutgun handles to spread jaws apart. Once the Shutgun jaws are opened fully, they should fit tightly between the deflector and the water source. This may require the handles of the Shutgun to be squeezed multiple times.

3) When it's time to replace the broken sprinkler, shut off the supply of water.

4) Release the Shutgun by holding the handles and pressing the black release lever.

5) Replace the damaged fire sprinkler and turn the water on for the sprinkler system.



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