Solo 610 | Compartmentalized Bag for Solo Extension Poles and Tools


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Solo 610 | Compartmentalized Bag for Solo Extension Poles and Tools
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Solo 610 Compartmentalized Carrying Case for Extension Poles, Testing Heads, and More

The Solo 610 is the ultimate carrying solution for fire alarm technicians who rely on Solo's brand of detector testing and cleaning tools. With an extra-large, reinforced bag for extension poles, and additional bags for heads, batteries, chargers, and aerosols, this carrying case kit provides professional protection for professional tools. Note, the extension poles fit in a separate bag included in this kit.

These cases have enough space for:

  • Four full-length telescoping extension poles (Solo 100)
  • Three extension pole lengtheners (Solo 101)
  • Three detector testing heads (various)
  • One detector removal tool (Solo 200)
  • Two battery batons, one battery charger, and one heat detector head (Solo 461)

What other Solo-brand products are available?

Solo Detector Testers offers a range of products designed to simplify tests of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide (CO) sensors, and heat detectors. Their line of fiberglass extension poles enables contractors to test electronics located in hard-to-reach areas, with access poles including:




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