Fire Blanket | 5 ft. x 6-1/2 ft.


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Fire Blanket | 5 ft. x 6-1/2 ft.

Fire Blanket | 5 ft. x 6-1/2 ft.
Fire Blanket | 5 ft. x 6-1/2 ft.
Fire Blanket | 5 ft. x 6-1/2 ft.
Fire Blanket | 5 ft. x 6-1/2 ft.
Fire Blanket | 5 ft. x 6-1/2 ft.
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This large, lightweight fiberglass fire blanket is designed for personal protection and to contain fires in their early stages. As an alternative to chemical fire extinguishers, this fire blanket is ideal for stopping grease and kitchen fires which cannot typically be extinguished with Class A, Class B, or Class C extinguishers and wraps around people whose clothing or hair has caught fire. While traditional methods of fire suppression rely on chemical reactions to extinguish fires, the fire blanket works by cutting off the flames' access to oxygen.

This 5-foot by 6-1/2-foot fire blanket also includes grip on each side to protect hands when in use. Stored in an optic-orange, hook-and-loop-fastened case, each lightweight fire blanket provides continuous protection at 750 degrees Fahrenheit (399C) and is safe for use with excursion temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (538C). The casing features reinforced mounting holes that allow you to install the fire blanket onto any wall with ease.

Where should a fire blanket be used?

In order to be effective, these blankets are recommended for use only on fires in their incipient, or early, stages. Working environments that greatly benefit from fire blankets include commercial kitchens, industrial and welding workspaces, laboratories, and virtually any environment where combustible materials are present.

This 1-1/2 meter by 2-meter fire blanket can be used for:

  • Escaping a fire: In the event of a building fire, evacuees can wear a fire blanket for protection during escape.
  • Extinguishing a fire on one person: It is not recommended to spray an individual's body or clothes with chemical fire retardants. In the aftermath, contact with this solution is likely to cause additional harm.
  • Stopping Class K (kitchen) fires, as well as some small Class A and B fires. Fiber blankets can effectively smother chip-pan, deep-fat, or waste-bin fires. However, they aren't effective at stopping flames burning deeply in ordinary combustibles (like wood or paper), and may not be large enough to combat larger fires made from flammable liquids.

Mounting fire blankets along with fire extinguishers can provide individuals with an alternate means of protection from flames in case of an emergency. Note, however, that these blankets are single-use itemsand, unlike fire extinguishers, can't simply be recharged.

How is this fire blanket designed to be used?

Follow these simple steps to safely suffocate a flame with the fiberglass fire blanket.

  1. If it is safe to do so, turn off the main heat source.
  2. Pull on the tabs to release the fire blanket.
  3. Unravel the fire blanket to its full size and roll the edge of the fabric over your hands for protection.
  4. Place the blanket over the fire, starting from the closest edge of the flame.
  5. Hold the fire blanket down until you are sure the flame has been suffocated, and repeat until all flames have dissipated.
  6. Once all flames are gone, leave the fire blanket in place.
  7. Exit the area immediately and call 911, even if you believe the fire is under control.

If at any point during use you begin to feel the fire is growing out of your control, wrap the blanket around your body, and exit the area immediately.

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