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Fire Hose Reel Cover | Reel Cover (RE24)

Fire Hose Reel Cover | Reel Cover (RE24)
Part NumberColorsCovers
001HRLRed24" Fire Hose Reel (100 feet of hose)
RedReinforced PVCUsually ships within 48 hours

Product Description

24" (70 cm) Fire Hose Reel Cover, designed for 24-inch hose reels, facilitates immediate use of indoor fire hose by trained personnel, clearly identifying available hose with high-visibility bright-red PVC. "Keep clear" is written in large white lettering that discourages obstructions of essential fire-protection equipment required for NFPA 14 Class II and Class III standpipe systems.

This Fire Hose Pin Rack Cover is designed for 24" hose reels with depths from 6 1/4" (159 mm) to 8 1/4" (21 mm), and is fastened with quick-release velcro. The PVC material is fabric-reinforced for resistance against tearing, and resists damage from water, mildew, and fungus while protecting hose from dust, debris and vandalism.

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