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Smoke Centurion Smoke Detector Tester | 2.6 oz Aerosol Spray

M8-Centurion Smoke Detector Tester contains 2.6 ounces of pressurized smoke designed to test a wide range of smoke detectors. This UL-listed aerosol spray offers a low cost per test, minimizes leftover residue, and pairs with the Solo line of “no-climb” testing accessories.
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M8CENTURION Pressurized Butane, Propane, and Ethanol 2.6 oz
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2.6-Ounce Smoke Centurion Smoke Detector Tester

Smoke Centurion Smoke Detector Tester sprays synthetic smoke ideal for functional tests of smoke detectors. This UL-listed aerosol smoke detector tester may be used by hand (like a can of spray paint) or in tandem with Solo-brand “no-climb” testing accessories.

This smoke detector tester has low global warming potential and meets a variety of global standards, including NFPA 72. Each 2.6-ounce can is recyclable and eco-friendly, and made with materials that are:

  • Silicone-free
  • Ozone-friendly
  • CFC-free
  • 100% biodegradable

Each can is packed with synthetic smoke to deliver a low cost per test. For contractors or inspectors that frequently test smoke detectors, QRFS also offers a 12-pack of the 2.6 oz Smoke Centurion M8 Smoke Detector Tester Cans. 

Will this work for my smoke detector?

Smoke Centurion’s smoke detector tester spray covers a range of smoke detectors, including:

  • Cigarette and oil smoke detectors
  • Ionization-type detectors
  • Optical detectors

For smoke detectors mounted in hard-to-reach areas, this canister can be used with access and testing equipment from Solo. Their durable extension poles and pole-mounted aerosol sprayers help contractors use these detector testers on ceilings as high as 30 feet—no ladder needed. Solo-brand accessories for this product include:

Solo’s product line also includes:

How do I use this smoke detector tester?

Prior to using this Smoke Centurion smoke detector tester, read all warnings and instructions labeled on the can. Typical instructions include:

  • Shake the canister well.
  • Hold the can upright and spray at a distance of 12″ to 40″ from the detector—or connect to the Solo 330 or 332 aerosol dispenser.
  • Spray only a 1/2 – 1 second burst of aerosol at a time.
  • Repeat every 10 seconds (no more than six times) until the detector activates.

What if I want to test or clean other types of detectors?

A variety of testing aerosols—including models compatible with Solo-brand equipment—are available:

Handheld testing and cleaning equipment is also available:

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