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Solo A10 Non-Flammable Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester | 4.8 oz Can

Solo A10 Smoke Detector Tester contains 4.8 ounces of pressurized smoke designed to test a wide range of smoke detectors. This UL-listed aerosol spray offers a low cost per test, minimizes leftover residue, and pairs with the Solo line of “no-climb” testing accessories.
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SOLOA10 Pressurized Butane, Propane, and Ethanol 4.8 oz
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4.8-oz Solo A10 Smoke Detector Tester

Solo A10 Smoke Detector Tester sprays synthetic smoke that’s ideal for functional tests of smoke detectors. This UL-listed aerosol smoke detector tester may be used by hand (like a can of spray paint) or in tandem with Solo-brand “no-climb” testing accessories. For contractors or inspectors that frequently test smoke detectors, QRFS also offers a 12-pack of Solo A10 Smoke Detector Tester Cans.

This non-flammable smoke detector tester is HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) and silicone-free, minimizing damage to the ozone layer and the environment. It’s designed for ease of use, rapid clearing, and compatibility with the plastics found in smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Will this work for my smoke detector?

Solo A10’s smoke detector tester spray covers a range of smoke detectors, including:

  • Cigarette and oil smoke detectors
  • Ionization-type detectors
  • Optical detectors

For smoke detectors mounted in hard-to-reach areas, this canister can be used with access and testing equipment from Solo. Their durable extension poles and pole-mounted aerosol sprayers help contractors use these detector testers on ceilings as high as 30 feet—no ladder needed. Solo-brand accessories for this product include:

Solo’s product line also includes:

How do I use this smoke detector tester?

Before using this Solo A10 smoke detector tester, read all warnings and instructions labeled on the can. Typical instructions include:

  • Shake the canister well.
  • Hold the can upright and spray at a distance of 12″ to 40″ from the detector—or connect to the Solo 330 or 332 aerosol dispenser.
  • Spray only a 1/2 – 1 second burst of aerosol at a time.
  • Repeat every 10 seconds (no more than six times) until the detector activates.

What if I want to test or clean other types of detectors?

A variety of testing aerosols—including models compatible with Solo-brand equipment—are available:

Handheld testing and cleaning equipment is also available:

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