Viking Water Motor Gong | Model F-2 | 8 in. | 07862

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Viking Complete F2 Water Motor Gong
Viking Complete F2 Water Motor Gong
Viking F2 Water Motor Alarm
1" Threads on Water Motor Alarm
12" Bell on Water Motor Gong
Back of Bell for Water Motor Gong
Primary Components of the Water Motor Gong
Y-Strainer for Water Motor Gong - Part of the Complete Kit!

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Viking Complete F2 Water Motor Gong
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  • Requires no electricity (water-powered)
  • Helps first responders quickly identify a lack of pressure in fire sprinkler systems
  • Perfect for NFPA 13 waterflow alarms
  • UL-listed and FM-approved for compliance with leading fire safety standards
  • Made with durable, corrosion-resistant steel and aluminum
  • Shipped from locations throughout the U.S. for fast arrival times
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    What does this water motor gong assembly contain?

    The Viking Model F-2 Water Motor Gong is a fire alarm bell that requires no electricity. This mechanical device sounds when water passes through the 3/4 in. NPT inlet, rotating a striker to produce a 90-decibel alarm.

    This complete water motor gong assembly contains almost everything needed to sound an alarm just add pipes and fittings. Each Viking Model F-2 ships with:

    • A motor assembly with a brass nozzle and a cast-iron housing
    • A striker arm assembly featuring a stainless-steel arm, pin, and washer
    • One 3/4 in. brass strainer for the alarm line
    • One 16-3/4 in. stainless steel drive shaft

    If the wall is less than 3 in. thick, this gong requires an extension mounting cup. If the wall ranges from 14 in. to 30 1/4 in. thick, an extension shaft is needed. Viking also offers a closure plate to protect gongs mounted on uneven walls against nesting birds and other intrusions. To place a special order for these components, call (888) 361-6662.

    Where are these required/used?

    Water motor alarms or electric fire alarm bells are required for any NFPA-13-compliant fire sprinkler system that has more than 20 sprinklers. Most often, Viking's #07862 Water Motor Gong works as a waterflow alarm. These alarms are typically placed on a building's exterior wall, and often guide firefighters to fire department connections (inlets used to supply water to a building's fire sprinkler system).

    How do I assemble and install Viking's water motor alarm?

    For a detailed look at this water motor gong's installation requirements, consult Viking's instruction manual.Typical assembly for the Model F-2 is as follows:

    • Cut a hole no larger than 1 5/8 in. in the building's wall.
    • Cut and thread a 3/4 in. galvanized spacer pipe (used to protect gong components). If Viking's extension mounting cup (sold separately) is used, cut the pipe 2 in. longer than the wall is thick. If no cup is used, cut the pipe 1 in. shorter than the wall is thick.
    • Cut the drive shaft. If using an extension cup, make the shaft 5 3/4 in. longer than the wall's thickness. Otherwise, cut it 2 3/4 in. longer than the wall is thick.
    • File the drive shaft to provide a 3/32 in. (2.4 mm) x 450 chamfer on both corners of both ends.
    • Slide the spacer pipe over the shaft and thread the end of the spacer pipe into the gong support assembly coupling.
    • Slide the closure plate (sold separately) against the gong's back. Secure with a 9/32 in. fastener if needed.
    • Slide the free end of the space pipe into the hole of the support assembly.
    • Slide the wall plate over the free end of the spacer pipe.
    • Remove the thread protectors from the water motor and attach it to the spacer pipe.
    • Attach the gong, flat washer, and label to the gong support with the included 12 in. screw.
    • Connect the water motor inlet to the alarm outlet of a waterflow detection device. Install the 3/4 in. strainer on the line as close to the alarm outlet as possible.


    SKU Viking Part Number Inlet Thread Connection
    VKWMAF2 07862 3/4 in. (19.1 mm) NPT
    Drain Thread Connection Drive Shaft Length Wall Thickness
    1 in. (25.4 mm) NPT 16-3/4 in. (425 mm) Up to 14 in. Thick
    Sound Level at 10 Feet Diameter Optional Accessories
    90 dB 8-1/16 in. Gong Extra-Long Drive Shaft, Closure Plate, Extension Mounting Cup
    Rated Working Pressure Approvals/Listings Availability
    250 PSI Water Working Pressure (WWP/CWP) UL, CUL, FM, LPCB, CE, NYC 219-76-SA Usually Ships Within 48 Hours



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