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AGF Model 5300A  Auxiliary Drain
AGF Model 5300A  Auxiliary Drain
AGF Model 5300A  Auxiliary Drain | Built-In NFPA 13 Signage
AGF Model 5300A  Auxiliary Drain | Inlet
AGF Model 5300A  Auxiliary Drain | Inlet (Side 2)
AGF Model 5300A  Auxiliary Drain | Outlet
AGF Model 5300A  Auxiliary Drain | Outlet (Side 2)

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AGF Model 5300A  Auxiliary Drain
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AGF Model 5300A Drum, Drip (Auxiliary Drain Valve)

  • Preassembled drum drip assembly saves time when installing preaction or dry-pipe fire sprinkler systems
  • Manufactured and assembled in the United States
  • Compliant with Buy American requirements of the American Reconstruction and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
  • Includes an auxiliary drain label designed to act as a sign in compliance with NFPA 13
  • Features UL-listed and FM-approved valves and fittings
  • Shipped from locations throughout the U.S. for fast arrival times
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Which fire protection systems is this auxiliary drain designed for?

Drum drips also known as low-point drains, condensate drains, or auxiliary drains are installed where water trapped in fire protection piping can't get to the main drain. This device features a 2 in. x 12 in. condensate nipple and two 1 in. valves, making it suitable for:

  • Dry or preaction fire sprinkler systems
  • Sections of trapped piping that can hold more than 5 gallons of water (see NFPA 13, section

The large nipple featured with any auxiliary drain allows water or condensation to drip out of the pipes above reducing corrosion and freeze-related damage with regular use.

Do I need an additional 'auxiliary drain' sign to comply with NFPA 13?

No. The red label along this auxiliary drain valve condensate nipple reads 'AUXILIARY DRAIN' allowing it to act as the sign required by NFPA 13 section 16.9.12. (2019 edition).

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What's the advantage of AGF-model drum drips?

The AGF 5300 auxiliary drain is part of AGF Manufacturing COLLECTanDRAIN line of low-point drains, designed to:

  • Comply with NFPA 13 and NFPA 25's requirements for auxiliary drains
  • Make operation easy with easy-turn, high-quality brass ball valves
  • Prevent user error with operating instructions placed on the label
  • Withstand corrosion and wear with galvanized piping components
  • Arrive fully assembled, eliminating the need for fabrication in the field

What does Buy American compliant mean?

Many large federal contracts are subject to the Buy American Act, which requires that all construction materials be manufactured in the United States (or a select handful of other countries). AGF Manufacturing's product line, including this 5300A auxiliary drain valve, is certified to meet these requirements under the American Reconstruction and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

How do I use this device?

Don't open both valves at once and re-open the top valve after each use. A fully-opened auxiliary drain will release pressurized air trapped in a dry or preaction system causing the system to activate (and fill pipes with water). Forgetting to open the top (inlet) valve after use will prevent water from draining out of the pipes above leaving the system vulnerable to corrosion and ice.

To remove trapped water with this auxiliary drain, simply:

  • Close the upper valve
  • Place a drum or bucket beneath the auxiliary drain
  • Open the lower valve
  • Allow water to drip out
  • Close the lower valve and open the upper valve
  • Repeat these steps until little or no fluid is discharged

For dry-pipe systems, NFPA 25 recommends operating this drain:

  • On a daily basis after a dry system operates
  • Daily as temperatures approach freezing
  • According to your facility's maintenance program

The frequency of inspections may be reduced if little or no water discharges when operating the valve.



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