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#58 - Which Fire Sprinkler Head Cover Plate Do I Need?

Posted by Jason Hugo and Courtney Montanye on 11/4/2016 to Fire Sprinkler Systems
If you have a fire sprinkler cover plate to replace and you’re wondering which one you need, you’ve landed on the right page. Whether your existing sprinkler cover is missing, damaged, or painted over, in this blog you’ll learn the simple steps required to find the correct cover plate (hint: the manufacturer is key, little to do with dimensions) and replace it with ease.

This is what your cover plates should look like...

Let’s go into a little background, quickly. A cover plate is a decorative piece of metal connected to a copper frame by temperature-responsive solder that covers a concealed sprinkler in a ceiling. A cover plate simply screws into the concealed fire sprinkler to provide aesthetic benefits, protect the sprinkler from dirt, dust, and debris, similar to escutcheons (learn the difference between an escutcheon and a cover plate). The temperature-responsive solder reacts to a specified temperature, usually 20 degrees lower than the sprinkler’s activation temperature. After the solder melts, the decorative plate falls to the floor exposing the sprinkler.

Occasionally, however, sprinkler covers fall off or get damaged. Cleaning, painting, and moving are all reasons we’ve heard. So now you have this…

... look familiar? (Image Source)

Before you replace, remember the fire sprinkler cover plate replacement golden rule: each concealed fire sprinkler has ONLY ONE replacement cover plate that fits. It’s like Cinderella's slipper.

Quick Warning 1: installing the wrong cover plate can be damaging and costly. It can void the sprinkler’s warranty, so future repairs will be significantly more expensive. In rare cases, the wrong cover can damage the sprinkler itself, unleashing a torrent of water into the building. By all means, let's avoid that!

Do not caulk, paint, or glue cover plates back in place (Image Source; modified)

Quick Warnings 2 and 3:. If a cover plate has fallen off, don’t glue or caulk it back onto the sprinkler. Caulk or glue does not react to temperature the same as the cover plate’s solder, resulting in a blocked fire sprinkler increasing fire risk. If your reason for replacement is the cover’s color no longer matches the ceiling, don’t paint them.

Cover plates are manufacturer specific - each one is a little different

How to remove a fire sprinkler cover

Alright, now that we've got what not to do - how do you know which cover you need? To find your cinderella sprinkler cover, you need either: a) an old sprinkler cover or b) a ladder, so you can look at the sprinkler itself. Each manufacturer’s cover plate has a slightly different circumference and depth, but almost all are threaded and screw into the concealed sprinkler’s base. If you’re replacing cover plates that are attached now or if you need to replace just one of many, try unscrewing the sprinkler cover (lefty-loosie). If they spin freely but are not backing out, then they are ‘push on’ so try a gentle but firm pull to remove. If neither method removes the cover, sell the building (just kidding: call us).

How to find a Sprinkler Identification Number

With the cover removed, you can now search for the Sprinkler Identification Number (SIN), or model number. A SIN is usually 5-6 digits long and preceded by one or two letters. For example, a popular concealed Tyco model is TY3551. Here’s a handy list to help you translate letters to manufacturer name:
  • Victaulic: V
  • Tyco: TY
  • Senju Sprinklers: SS
  • Reliable: R
  • Globe: GL
  • Viking: VK
  • AG Sprinkler: AG
The applicable SINs are usually marked on the cover. Newer sprinkler covers often have a sticker affixed to the inside of the cover. The sticker specifies the manufacturer, temperature, and a list of SINs the cover matches. Newer model Victaulic, Tyco, and Viking cover plates all feature a sticker. If there is no a sticker, look for a stamp which is preferred by Reliable and Senju today and many manufacturers in the past. See the image below for examples of both.

Either sticker or stamp will list applicable SINs (Victaulic, left; Reliable, right)

If all your cover plates are gone, don’t panic! The SIN and other information are commonly stamped on the sprinkler’s deflector. See the image below. The SS8461 shown is the number you need. It is important to note, cover plates are often compatible with a variety of sprinklers offered by the same manufacturer. Once you have the SIN, the next step is ordering the right replacement.

This is an SS8461 fire sprinkler from Senju Sprinkler

Replacement Cover Plate Lookup Table

Identify the correct cover plate by first finding your brand and then finding the Sprinkler Identification Number (SIN) associated with your fire sprinkler in the table below. Click the link below the image to purchase in your preferred finish! 

 Tip: Try Ctrl +F or CMND + F to search.

Note: Not all models and finishes we carry or have access to are listed below. Please call us at 888-361-6662 with specific requirements.

Finish 1
Finish 2Finish 3

Royal Flush II (RFII) Commercial Cover Plates

Fits SINs: TY3551, TY3531, TY3532, C2596, TY3555, TY3535, TY3539, TY2524, TY2596, TY3596

Tyco RFII Chrome Cover Plate

Tyco RFII Black Cover Plate

LFII Residential Cover Plates

Fits SINs: TY2524, TY2596, TY3596
Tyco LFII White

Tyco LFII Brushed Chrome

Tyco LFII Beige

Reliable (Rasco) G4 / G5 Commercial Cover Plates

Fits SINs: AG5654, AG5604, RA0914, RA0612, R2111, R7146, R2112, R2113, R2115, R2118, R2211, R2212, R2213, R2215, R2218, R2511, R2512, R2513, R2518, R4441, R5411, R5412, RA0616, RA2312, RA3216, R5413, R5415, R5418, R6115, R6118, R6215, R6218, RA5114, RA3411, RA3413, RA3415, RA0611, RA3211, Vds RA3415

Reliable G4 / G5 Black Cover Plate Assembly 135 Degree

Reliable Off-White G4/G5 Cover Plate

Reliable (Rasco) RF Residential Cover Plates

Fits SINs: RA0612, RA3212, RA3216, RA0611, RA3211, RA0914
Reliable RFC Cover Plate White
More Reliable Covers Coming Soon!

V38 / V39 Commercial Cover Plates

Fits SINs: V3801, V3802, V3804, V3806, V3807, V3808, V2734, V2736, V3904, V2742
Victaulic Flat White Cover V38
Victaulic Flat Chrome V38 Cover Plate

V27 Residential Cover Plates

 Fits SINs: V2734, V2736, V3904, V2742
Victaulic Domed White Cover V27
Victaulic Dome Cover Plate

RC Residential Cover Plates

Fits SINs: SS8451, SS8461
Senju RC Model Fire Sprinkler Cover White
Senju Sprinkler White Cover Plate for RC Model Sprinklers

Senju Sprinkler Nickel Cover Plate for RC Model Sprinklers
RC Model Sprinkler Ivory Cover Plate
Viking Logo

Mirage Commercial Cover Plates

Fits SINs: VK457, VK4570, VK474, VK4740, VK488, VK4880, VK494, VK4940, VK461, VK462, VK463, VK464, VK465, VK492, VK632, VK634
Viking Mirage Cover Plate
Viking Mirage White Cover Plate Assembly 135 Degree
More Viking Covers Coming Soon!

Admittedly, we do not have access to every cover plate made. Additionally, the manufacturers, for their part, do not support every concealed sprinkler they’ve ever produced. That latter point is the most common reason people are unable to replace their sprinkler covers. If your sprinkler is a model that is no longer manufactured, locating a cover plate will not be easy. Your best bet is to call the manufacturer to ask if their other distributors might have some old stock on the shelf (we've provided a list below). Unfortunately, if you cannot find the right replacement cover then replacing the sprinklers is the only alternative.

Top Fire Sprinkler Manufacturer's Direct Phone Lines:
  • Victaulic: (800) PICK-VIC
  • Tyco: (518) 988-7200
  • Senju Sprinkler: (949) 333-1281
  • Reliable: (864) 843-5227
  • Globe: (989) 846-4583
  • Viking: (296) 945-9501
Installing a new cover plate is as simple as twisting or pushing it on. Only install once you are certain you have the cover plate that is meant for sprinkler – but you knew that already, right?

Once the cover plate is installed, there should be a gap of about an inch between the ceiling and the lip of the cover plate. This is to allow heat to flow from a fire to the three solder spots, ensuring the cover releases on time during an emergency.

You now know how to properly remove a cover plate, locate the correct replacement, and install a new one! QRFS offers the largest selection of replacement cover plates available and it’s still growing! Almost every cover plate ships out the same day. If you are still struggling to find the cover plate you need, our exceptional customer service is standing by to help you out - just click.

Finally, if tables aren't your thing...

This blog originally posted by Jason Hugo and Courtney Montanye at QRFS.com/blog on November 4, 2016. If you like what you’ve read, check us out at Facebook.com/QuickResponseFireSupply or on Twitter @QuickResponseFS

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