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Concealed 5.6K Half Inch Quick Response Fire Sprinkler w/ Cover Plate - Senju
Sprinkler Head w/ Cover Plate

Concealed 5.6K Half Inch Quick Response Fire Sprinkler w/ Cover Plate - Senju

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Part Number:CNQR

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Part Number Temperatures Approvals / Listings
162° F / 72° C Sprinkler with 140° F / 60° C Cover Plate (UL and C-UL, FM Approved optional)
205° F / 96° C Sprinkler with 140° F / 60° C Cover Plate (UL and C-UL only) 
Finishes Shipping Weight Wrenches
Wood Grain - Douglas Fir
Wood Grain - Yellow Birch
Wood Grain - Golden Oak
Wood Grain - Cherry Chestnut
Wood Grain - Dark Walnut

.17 lb / piece Senju Wrench

Product Details

Senju half inch adjustable 5.6K concealed fire sprinkler produces a standard hemispherical spray pattern. The separate two-piece sprinkler mounting & 2 3/8" (60 mm) diameter concealer or cover plate, the smallest in the industry, are sold as a set. Design accommodates a full three-eighths inch (3/8" / 9.5mm) adjustment. It incorporates heat sensitive solder for precise operation available in two temperatures.

Fire sprinkler is available in quick response model CN-QR.

Fire Sprinkler Listings:

UL Listed, ULc Listed, FM Approved

Can I paint my fire sprinkler cover plates? The answer is no. Learn why and what your options are in this informative blog post.

Fire Sprinkler Helpful Tips:

Tip 1: When replacing cover plates it is important to purchase replacements from the same manufacturer as the fire sprinkler. Each manufacturer's plate is a little different in size, color, etc. Manufacturer and temperature of a cover plate is printed on the base of the plate requiring removal to inspect. Most cover plates are either twist off or pull off.

Tip 2: It is recommended that a qualified professional replace fire sprinklers or in any other way modify a fire sprinkler system.

Tip 3: A fire sprinkler's size describes the inner orifice diameter - either half (1/2") or three-quarter (3/4") inch. The outer diameter of a (1/2") sprinkler's threads measures close to three-quarter inch. The other diameter of a (3/4") sprinkler's threads is measures close to one inch. Most offices, small retail locations, etc. have (1/2") sprinklers.

Tip 4: Try always to match the sprinkler's response type to the one you're replacing. Replace quick response fire sprinklers with quick response fire sprinklers. Replace standard response fire sprinklers with either quick response or standard response. Equal or better!

Tip 5: Spare fire sprinkler heads and a wrench should be accessible at all times in a facility with a commercial fire sprinkler system installed. Often state regulations apply, too. Check with your local fire department.

Tip 6: Fire sprinkler systems should be visually inspected often and professionally inspected annually.

Learn more about Senju sprinkler's value for contractors.

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