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About QRFS

Fire safety can be complicated. QRFS exists to simplify it.

When we started out in this industry, we discovered that there was a pressing need to help people understand fire safety systems and conveniently get the equipment to keep them up and running.

QRFS was founded in 2010 to expand knowledge and provide equal, easy access to fire suppression equipment – so contractors, facility managers, and building owners alike can find the right parts they need, quickly and affordably.

Every commercial building must (and every home should) have a fire suppression plan, equipment, and training. Most local governments in the U.S. mandate fire suppression systems in commercial buildings and more and more jurisdictions require them in homes. The responsibility for maintaining these systems falls to the property owner – or they could face fines, citations, and even closure.

But fire system training is rare. Simple maintenance can be overlooked, and basic upkeep ignored. When an inspection reveals a problem or a component breaks, people frantically search online for solutions …

QRFS solves these problems and more with:

  • Education. Our free guides – found on the first page of Google – describe common fire system maintenance and compliance solutions. Thoughts on Fire is our ever-expanding knowledge center, providing unsurpassed educational resources for building owners, homeowners, contractors, and facility managers. Written by a network of industry experts, its customer-driven content answers actual questions we’ve received about fire safety.
  • Access to specific parts. QRFS has over 10,000 unique product SKUs online, supported by a US and Canadian network of manufacturers, distributors, importers, and vendors. Our inventory includes top brands, hard-to-find components, and specific alternatives to outdated or discontinued equipment.
  • Second-to-none customer service and fast delivery. When you call QRFS during business hours, you get a person, not a machine. A trained customer service agent will assess your problem and help you solve it. 90% of orders ship the same day, with an average delivery time of 2-3 days anywhere in the United States. We also feature volume discounts, custom procurement services for institutional buyers, and contractor-specific pricing.

If we don’t have a hard-to-find item in stock, we’ll work with you to get it – or find a suitable replacement. If you have complex questions about equipment or compliance, we’ll provide an answer. And if you know what you need and simply order online, we’ll have it to your door quickly to get your system compliant and working.

Fire safety may be complex, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Simplify things by contacting QRFS:

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