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FELCO C7 Cable Cutter | Seismic Bracing Cable & Wire Up to 5/32″ (3.9 mm) Thick

FELCO C7 Cable Cutters are manufactured in Switzerland using durable forged aluminum and hardened steel blades, complete with a comfortable plastic coating for a firm grip. Cut seismic bracing cables up to 5/32″ with the patented triangular system that cuts strands without crushing them. Lightweight and durable.
SKUConstructionCompatible Wire
LCFC7Hardened Steel Blades, Aluminum Handles, Plastic Grip CoveringUp to 5/32″ Diameter, Gold (#GO3) and Orange (#OR4) Cable
7.5″ (190mm)9.5 oz. (270g)Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

FELCO® C7 Cable Cutter | 5/32″

The FELCO® C7 Cable Cutter, measuring at half a foot (7.5″ | 190mm), is FELCO’s smallest wire cutter. It was designed using FELCO’s “triangular cut” system that allows for a smoother cut without crushing the wire. This feature eliminates the need to tie the cable before cutting it. The design also features an easy and durable cutting adjustment. The C7 cable cutter is constructed using hardened steel for the blades, forged aluminum alloy for the handles, and a bright red, textured plastic cover that provides a solid and comfortable grip.

The Swiss-made FELCO wire cutters are world-renowned for their precision and cutting capabilities. Weighing a mere 9.5 oz. (270g), the C7 cable cutters are lightweight enough for overhead cutting, and still strong enough to be reliable for underwater applications.

What can FELCO C7 cable cutters cut?

FELCO’s C7 cable cutters are built for a wide range of applications, cutting:

  • Seismic bracing cable, including Loos & Co. gold (size 3) and orange (size 4) types
  • Wire Rope up to 1/4″ (7mm)
  • High Tensile Steel Strands up to 1/5″ (5mm)
  • Stainless Steel Strands up to 1/6″ (4mm)
  • Tough Wire Rope or Strands up to 3mm
  • Electric Cables of Copper, Aluminum, or Steel-Cored Aluminum up to 2/8″ (7mm)
  • Aluminum or Copper Rods up to 1/5″ (5mm)
  • Steel Rods up to 1/6″ (4mm)
  • Tempered Steel Spring Wire up to 2mm

FELCO C7 Cable Cutters also work great with the following Loos & Co. cables:

FELCO is a trademark of Flisch Holding SA.

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