Coverdome Paint Covers | Adhesive | Pack of 100


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Fire Sprinkler Paint Cover Next to Sprinkler Head
Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers | Pack of 50 - Dimensions
Fire Sprinkler Paint Cover - Top View
Fire Sprinkler Paint Cover - Bottom View

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Fire Sprinkler Paint Cover Next to Sprinkler Head
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Coverdome Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers

  • Easy-to-install paint covers for fire sprinklers, just peel, stick, and go
  • A tape ring holds the paint cover to the fire sprinkler escutcheon
  • Fits most recessed pendent and sidewall sprinklers
  • Highly visible orange color prevents accidental damage

Check out our blog to learn why painted fire sprinklers are such a big problem.

Why are Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers important?

NFPA 25: Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems ( states that any fire sprinkler that gets aftermarket paint on it must be replaced. This is because a painted sprinkler might not function properly in the event of a fire. The inspectors won't care if it's just a little on the frame, so don't just try to be careful when you paint, cover sprinklers completely and easily. Save yourself time, money, and trouble by using Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers.

How big are Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers?

Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers are 3 inches deep, so they'll fit over most flush and recessed fire sprinkler heads. The covers have a 2-inch internal diameter, perfect for sticking on most escutcheon trim rings.

How are Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers installed?

Installing these Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers is easy, just peel, stick, and go. Peel the liner off the adhesive tape, slip the cover over the sprinkler head, and stick it to the escutcheon. No need to touch the sprinkler head at all.

IMPORTANT! These fire sprinkler paint covers are a temporary solution. They will impede sprinkler activation, so remove promptly once you are finished painting!



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