Tyco RFII Concealed Pendent Fire Sprinkler | TY3551 | Standard Response | 5.6K | 155F | 51-790-1-155

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Tyco RFII TY3551 5.6K Concealed Pendent Standard Response
Optional RFII Signal White Cover Plate on Tyco RFII TY3551 5.6K Concealed Pendent Standard Response
Deflector on Tyco RFII TY3551 5.6K Concealed Pendent Standard Response
Side of Tyco RFII TY3551 5.6K Concealed Pendent Standard Response
Threads on of Tyco RFII TY3551 5.6K Concealed Pendent Standard Response
  • Tyco RFII Cover Plate | Signal White | 139F | 56-792-4-135
  • Tyco RFII Cover Plate | Brushed Chrome | 139F | 56-792-8-135
  • Tyco RFII Cover Plate | Polished Chrome | 139F | 56-792-9-135
  • Tyco RFII Cover Plate | Black | 139F | 56-792-6-135

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Tyco RFII TY3551 5.6K Concealed Pendent Standard Response
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Tyco TY3551 Standard Response Concealed Pendent Fire Sprinkler delivers decorative, competitively-priced defense against fire in ordinary-temperature applications.This automatic fire sprinkler opens when ambient temperatures reach 155F (68C).

Choose from a factory-finished white cover plate, brushed chrome cover plate, polished chrome cover plate, or painted black cover plate that mounts flush to the ceiling for minimal visual impact. When temperatures near the ceiling reach 139F (59C), the soldered cover plate detaches, exposing the head of the Tyco TY3531 concealed pendent fire sprinkler, which activates when temperatures reach 155F (68C).

The Tyco Model TY3531 has a 5.6 K-Factor and installs with 1/2 in. (12.7 mm) National Pipe Thread (NPT), used in fire sprinkler systems throughout the United States. This Standard Response Fire Sprinkler features a bronze frame, bronze deflector, and a beryllium-nickel seating assembly with PTFE.

With a maximum working pressure of 175 PSI FM or 250 PSI UL (12.1 BAR FM or 17.3 BAR UL), this pendent sprinkler hangs from above-ceiling piping behind a decorative cover plate. Pendent sprinklers direct the water stream downward against the deflector to distribute water in a circular or conical discharge pattern. and may be installed and used in accordance with NFPA 13 and local fire code. Each Model TY3531 sprinkler is made by Tyco, a global manufacturer with more than a half-century in the fire protection industry.

This product is UL listed & FM approved, and appropriate for use in fire protection systems when accepted by the authority having jurisdiction. In accordance with NFPA 13, a higher temperature rating may be required when installing a standard response fire sprinkler in or near heat sources, unventilated spaces, uncovered steam mains, or uninsulated rooftops.


1/2 in.
Size Detail:
1/2 in. NPT Sprinkler
Response Type:
Standard Response
Heat Element:
Glass Bulb
Corrosion Resistance:
May Contain Lead:
UL Listed:
FM Approved:
SIN Number:
Head Type:
Concealed Pendent


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