Tyco® TY325 Pendent Sprinkler | SR | 5.6K | Chrome | 200F | 77-571-9-200

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Tyco® TY325 Pendent Chrome 200F | 77-571-9-200 | Hero | QRFS

Tyco® TY325 Pendent Chrome 200F | 77-571-9-200 | Hero | QRFS
Tyco® TY325 Pendent Chrome 200F | 77-571-9-200 | Side | QRFS
Tyco® TY325 Pendent Chrome 200F | 77-571-9-200 | Deflector | QRFS
Tyco® TY325 Pendent Chrome 200F | 77-571-9-200 | Family | QRFS
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Tyco® TY325 Pendent Chrome 200F | 77-571-9-200 | Hero | QRFS
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Tyco TY-B (TY325) Pendent Head Fire Sprinkler

This Tyco TY-B Chrome Pendent Fire Sprinkler features a glass bulb activating at 200F (93C) with a 5.6 K-Factor, and 1/2 in. NPT threads. Each pendent head features a bronze frame and bronze deflector. The manufacturer part number is 77-571-9-200 and the Sprinkler Identification Number (SIN) is TY325.

The TY-B Pendent Sprinkler delivers effective, affordable defense against fire and is designed for use in light, ordinary, or extra hazard, commercial occupancies such as banks, hotels, shopping malls, factories, refineries, and chemical plants. Using a heat-activated glass bulb assembly, this automatic fire sprinkler opens when ambient temperatures reach 200F (93C), drenching the area surrounding a fire to keep it in its place of origin. For recessed pendent application, refer to data sheet for installation with the Style 15 or Style 20 Recessed Escutcheon.

Tyco Standard Response Pendent Sprinkler TY-B (TY325) Listings and Approvals

Each TY-B sprinkler is made by Tyco, a global leader in fire-suppression products. This pendent fire sprinkler head maintains UL and C-UL Listing, FM Approval, MEA 354-01-E (NYC), along with VdS Approval and LPCB Ref. No. 094a/06 for non-recessed installation. For recessed installation approvals, please refer to data sheet.

The TY325 is a commercial sprinkler and is cULus listed for use when installed in accordance with NFPA 13 requirements for wet pipe sprinkler systems and designed for use in commercial occupancies. This standard response sprinkler head has a maximum working pressure of 175 PSI (12.1 BAR) FM, and is UL Listed for 250 PSI (17.2 bar) and connects to wet piping systems.

Tyco TY-B (TY325) Pendent Head Commercial Fire Sprinkler Installation and Other Information

During installation be aware that over tightening will cause permanent damage to the 1/2 in. NPT threads and/or the fire sprinklers themselves. Use the manufacturer approved installation wrench and tighten to a maximum torque of 14 ft-lb (19 N-m). Refer to the data sheet for additional storage and installation information.

This pendent sprinkler features a chrome finish and a 200F (93C) temperature. Available finishes include Brass, White, Black, and Chrome. Signal White Polyester (White) and Jet Black Polyester (Black) are UL Listed as corrosion resistant. Temperature options include 135F (57C), 155F (68C), 175F (79C), 200F (93C), 286F (141C), and 360F (182C). Finish and temperature combinations available in the “Options” section at the top of this product page.

TY325 listed accessories include the W-Type 6 (standard) and W-Type 7 (recessed) sprinkler wrenches, manufacturer part number(s) (56-000-6-387, 56-850-4-001), and the Style 15 and Style 20 Escutcheon(s), manufacturer part number(s) (56-715-9-010, 56-705-9-010). Commonly purchased with fire sprinkler head cabinets and sprinkler shut off tools. These products are available in the “Frequently bought together” products section at the top of this product page. Over the years, Tyco has acquired Central Sprinkler, Gem Sprinkler Company, Grinnell Corporation, and Star Sprinkler Incorporated, and while these brands are no longer available, Tyco has re-designated many of their sprinkler models. Standard Response sprinklers from Gem and Grinnell’s previous Model A line were incorporated into Series TY-B.

Manufacturer Part Number:
Head Type:
Finish Detail:
Chrome Plated
1/2 in.
Size Detail:
1/2 in. NPT Sprinkler
K Factor:
Response Type:
Standard Response (SR)
Heat Element:
Glass Bulb
Standard Coverage
Bronze Frame, Bronze Deflector
Corrosion Resistant:
May Contain Lead:
UL Listed:
FM Approved:
Maximum Working Water Pressure:
175 PSI (FM, UL) 250 PSI (UL)
Escutcheon Type:
1 in. (25.4 mm)
1 in. (25.4 mm)
2 in. (50.8 mm)
0.14 lb. (0.06 kg)
Available Box/Pack Quantity:
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