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Forestry Hose Clamp |1 Inch to 1-1/2 Inch Single-Jacket Hose | Wildland Firefighting Gear

Forestry Fire Hose Clamp stops the flow of water through 1 inch and 1-1/2 inch single jacket hoses. Features a built-in spanner wrench for use on fire hose couplings 2-1/2 inch and smaller. Made with high-quality, lightweight cast-aluminum and a brass locking yoke. Meets Forest Service Specification 5100-245C. Made in the USA!
SKU Construction Compatible Hose Type
SHHC150 Lightweight Aluminum 1 Inch or 1-1/2 Inch Single-Jacket Fire Hose
Pressure Rating S&H Part No.
300 PSI HC-15
Approvals & Listings Availability
National Fire Equipment System - 0046; Forest Service Specification 5100-245C In Stock

S&H Single Jacket Wildland Fire Hose Clamp (300 PSI)

When it’s inconvenient or dangerous to shut off a fire hose at the source, S&H’s Wildland Fire Hose Clamp delivers. This handheld, cast aluminum clamp can compress a 1 inch or 1-1/2 inch single-jacket fire hose, stopping the flow of water in the middle of a line.

Manufactured by S&H Fire Products, one of the world’s leading suppliers of forestry firefighting equipment, this single-jacket fire hose clamp features a built-in spanner wrench for fire hose couplings 2-1/2 inch (63.5mm) or smaller. Each is lightweight, designed for easy use while wearing gloves and is from high-quality cast aluminum and brass.

Is this fire hose clamp suitable for use as wildland firefighting gear?

This wildland fire hose clamp meets Forest Service Specification (FSS) 5100-245C for fire hose shutoff clamps, and offers benefits that include:

  • Shutoff of hoses with water pressures up to 300 PSI
  • A lever arm, two-piece jaws, and lock ring that opens or closes the clamp in one quick movement
  • Lighter and more compact construction than the Forest Service requires, at 10″ overall length and 25 ounces of total weight
  • Impact-resistant design, showing no damage after repeated collisions with concrete
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