Viking xt1 sprinkler update

Viking slightly modified its next-generation XT1 sprinkler line to make heads easier to install

As the flagship of Viking’s commercial sprinkler catalog, XT1s are highly compact and designed to be corrosion-resistant and extra reliable. But not long after the company first released this new model in late 2018, there was a Viking XT1 update — new frames with new part numbers and compatible accessories.


Viking designers continually work to solve real-world problems for building owners and sprinkler fitters. This revised XT1 line is just such an effort, making the sprinklers easier to install while retaining their state-of-the-art features.

This article explains the Viking XT1 sprinkler update, including precisely what changed and how to find the exact sprinkler, sprinkler wrench, and head guard part numbers you need.

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The Viking XT1 update squares up the sprinkler boss to prevent the wrench from slipping

This revised XT1 is all about ease of installation for sprinkler fitters. After installer feedback, Viking realized that XT1 sprinkler wrenches sometimes slipped during installation. The company’s engineers determined they could eliminate this problem by squaring up the sprinkler wrench boss (the spot where the wrench connects to the sprinkler), which was formerly somewhat rounded and roughly octagonal.

Old Viking XT1 vs New XT1

To make XT1 sprinklers easier to install, Viking has modified the sprinkler’s boss. Notice the new square shape with a larger surface area at the bottom of the right frame, which helps prevent the wrench from slipping.

The square shape is the only physical change to the XT1 fire sprinklers. The heat-sensitive bulbs remain the same, the deflectors are still the same shape and stainless-steel construction, and the cap still features a PTFE seal and spring mechanism.

Because the functional parts of the sprinkler have not changed, XT1 sprinklers still have the same sprinkler identification number, or SIN, after the update. This is helpful because you don’t have to work hard to find replacement sprinklers. For example, if you ever need to replace an older-model VK2001 sprinkler, you can use the old or new VK2001 depending on what you have on hand in your sprinkler cabinet. The two are functionally identical—simple as that.

However, this change does mean that the old XT1 sprinkler wrenches won’t work with the new XT1 sprinkler heads. To install the newer sprinklers, you’ll need to pick up the correct wrench with a specific part number, which we’ll discuss in the next section. Likewise, facilities managers who stock the new sprinklers in their sprinkler cabinets must also keep the corresponding sprinkler wrenches.

Additionally, sprinkler accessories like head guards that protect sprinklers from impact damage have also changed. If you have a newer XT1, you'll need the more recent version of the XT1 head guard.

SINs don’t change in the Viking XT1 update, but part numbers do!

So, the SIN numbers on XT1 sprinklers haven’t changed. But as we explain in our blog posts about sprinkler SINs and finding replacement fire sprinkler heads, this identification number isn’t the whole story. To identify a sprinkler down to its color and temperature, you also need the manufacturer's part number.

Fire sprinkler diagram

If you’re trying to figure out what new XT1 sprinkler corresponds to your old XT1 sprinkler, just take a look at the deflector. The SIN (noted here as “model”) is the essential number you need. XT1 SINs did not change with the update. Read more about replacing old sprinkler heads.

SIN numbers correspond to structurally unique sprinklers. So if a manufacturer changes the K-factor, the deflector type, or the actuating element (link vs. bulb), it must create a new SIN number. But while the finish or response temperature doesn’t require a new SIN, these characteristics do change the part number. And when Viking changed their XT1 sprinklers, they changed their part numbers.

Use the quick reference table below to find the new XT1 sprinkler that corresponds to the old version. First, find the SIN and manufacturer part number on your records or old sprinkler head. Then, look up the new part number:

SIN Old Part Number New Part Number Type K-Factor Shop the QRFS Catalog
VK1001 19914 23867 Upright 5.6 Brass 155F |
Brass 200F |
Brass 286F
VK1021 19915 23868 Pendent 5.6 Brass 155F |
Brass 200F |
Brass 286F |
Chrome 155FChrome 200F |
Chrome 286F |
White 155F
VK2001 19923 23876 Pendent 8.0 Brass 155F |
Brass 200F |
Brass 286F
VK2021 19922 23875 Upright 8.0 Brass 155F |
Brass 200F |
Brass 286F
Chrome 155FChrome 200F |
Chrome 286F |
White 155F
VK3001 23869 23869 Upright 5.6 Brass 155F |
Brass 175F |
Brass 200F |
Brass 286F
VK3021 19917 23870 Pendent 5.6 Brass 155F |
Brass 200F |
Brass 286F
Chrome 155FChrome 175F |
Chrome 200F |
Chrome 286F |
White 155FWhite 175F |
White 200F |
White 286F
VK3501 19924 23877 Upright 8.0 Brass 155F |
Brass 200F |
Brass 286F
VK3521 19925 23878 Pendent 8.0 Brass 155F |
Brass 200F |
Brass 286FChrome 155F |
White 155F

To find the direct replacement for an old XT1 sprinkler down to the finish and response temperature, just take the suffix from the old part number and apply it to the new part number.

Viking’s finish suffixes are:

  • A for Brass
  • F for Chrome
  • M-/W for White Polyester
  • M-/B for Black Polyester
  • JN for ENT

Viking’s temperature rating suffixes are:

  • A for 135 °F (57 °C)
  • B for 155 °F (68 °C)
  • D for 175 °F (79 °C)
  • E for 200 °F (93 °C)
  • G for 286 °F (141 °C)
  • Z for open sprinklers

For example, if you have an old sprinkler that is ‘19923MA/B’, ‘MA/B’ is your suffix. ‘A’ indicates a temperature rating of 135 °F, and 'M-/B' means a black polyester finish. Thus, the new version would be ‘23876MA/B.’

Older XT1 sprinklers use the 22940MB straight-handle wrench or 20951M/B wrench for recessed heads.

Respectively, these have been replaced with the 23559MB straight-handle wrench and 23560MB2 recessed wrench.

Likewise, the 22931 head guard works for the previous XT1 sprinklers, while the new ones use part number 23930.

Choose the XT1 for corrosion resistance, compact size, and reliability

To resist corrosion, each XT1 sprinkler comes standard with a stainless-steel deflector and a PTFE seal for the spring and seal assembly. Plus, XT1 sprinklers can optionally be purchased with Viking’s corrosion-resistant electroless-nickel coating, which makes them ideal for dockside, poolside, and industrial use.

All fire sprinklers are built to work reliably, but Viking went even further with the XT1. Each head has a hinge-like anti-lodgment device that ensures the cap falls away cleanly when it activates.

Finally, Viking’s XT1 sprinklers are small and compact, making them easier to work on in tight spaces and aesthetically unobtrusive, especially when they're recessed.

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