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Viking XT1 Fire Sprinkler Wrench | Recessed 1/2″ & 3/4″ NPT Heads | 20951M/B

Viking Sprinkler Head Wrench makes it easy to install Viking’s new line of recessed XT1 fire sprinkler heads. Compatible with a variety of heads, the #20951M/B socket minimizes slippage and rotates fire sprinklers using a 1/2″ ratchet (not included).
SKU Material Viking Part Number
VKCSWB Black-Finished Metal 20951M/B
Compatible Sprinklers Availability
Recessed XT1 Heads (See List Below) Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

Viking Sprinkler Head Wrench for Recessed XT1 Fire Sprinklers (20951M/B)

Viking Sprinkler Head Wrench 20951M/B is a specialized fire sprinkler installation tool for use with select Viking XT1 fire sprinklers. When paired with a 1/2″ ratchet (not included), this socket can quickly and safely secure recessed sprinkler heads.

Who needs a fire sprinkler wrench?

Fire sprinkler wrenches allow contractors to install heads easily—and without damaging the heads themselves. NFPA 13 also requires building owners to keep anywhere from 6 to 24 spare sprinkler heads on-site, as well as a supply of corresponding sprinkler head wrenches. This requirement ensures that all necessary components are available for the immediate removal and replacement of faulty or activated sprinkler heads.

Is this wrench compatible with my sprinkler head?

Viking Sprinkler Head Wrench provides the leverage needed to install recessed pendent XT1 fire sprinklers, including those with the following sprinkler identification numbers (SINs):

  • VK1021
  • VK2021
  • VK2022
  • VK3021
  • VK3521
  • VK3522

How do I use the sprinkler head wrench?

Always follow the instructions provided in the datasheets for your specific Viking-brand model. In general, installation takes the following steps:

  1. Leave the protective orange cap on the fire sprinkler’s frame.
  2. Install the escutcheon inner ring on the sprinkler’s threads.
  3. Gently slide the wrench head around the sprinkler’s body. Make sure that the wrench head grips the “wrench flats”—the section of the sprinkler’s frame shaped to fit neatly inside the wrench.
  4. Twist the ratchet until finger-tight and secure with an additional 1 to 1 1/2 turns. Ensure that the escutcheon’s outer ring contacts the surface of the finished ceiling.

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