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Fire Alarm Bell | 6 Inch| 24V DC | UL Listed!

This compact, 6 inch, 24V fire alarm bell covers as much ground as our largest bells. With a 96-decibel sound audible from anywhere from 10 to 110 feet away, each offers a heavy-duty steel dome, a red enamel finish, and a UL listing for use with NFPA 72 fire alarm systems.
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Alarm Bell | 8 Inch | 120V

Compact, loud, and outdoor-ready - perfect for fire sprinkler systems, flow and pressure switches, security systems, schoolyards, even alarm clocks!

Electrically compatible with most household and commercial wiring.

Easily defended against nesting birds, weather, and vandalism - especially when paired with a backbox and wire guard.

Listed for fire safety applications by UL.


  • QRFS Part Number: AB08
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs


  • Gong diameter: 8 inch (15 cm)

Electrical Specifications

  • Voltage: 120 Volts AC
  • Rated Current: 46mA
  • Sound Level at 10 Feet: 98bD
  • Listing: UL (Audible Signal Appliances)


  • Finish: Red Enamel

How loud is this alarm bell?

Alarm bells need to be louder than ambient sound levels to be heard. From ten feet away, this 98-decibel fire bell is louder than most lawnmowers. Here's how loud this bell sounds as the distance between it and the listener increases:

  • At 25 feet: 90 dB louder than many power tools
  • At 80 feet: 80 dB roughly the volume of a garbage disposal
  • At 140 feet: 75 dB more noise than a vacuum cleaner

These levels are loud enough to be heard at great distances in most businesses, restaurants, schools, and other buildings.

Which fire protection systems is this alarm bell designed for?

Most users connect this 120-volt AC alarm bell to an electronic flow or pressure switch. As part of an NFPA 13 waterflow alarm, these bells encourage people nearby to call 911, and can even direct first responders to the location of inlets serving a building's fire sprinkler or standpipe system (FDCs). They serve as occupant notification devices, signals that facilitate evacuation. In compliance with the 2019 edition of NFPA 13: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, these alarm bells:

  • Are listed (7.7)
  • Can be provided with accessories for weatherproofing and impact protection required for outdoor bells (
  • Typically, one fire bell or other notification appliance is required at every system riser, where water from an outside source enters a building's fire protection system. These waterflow alarms are required with every NFPA 13 system that has more than 20 sprinklers (
  • This alarm bell can also be used as part of an NFPA 72-compliant fire alarm system.

Can this alarm bell be used in non-fire applications (security, timekeeping, and so on)?

Absolutely. But be safe: if you're at all unsure about doing this yourself, don't try. Seek assistance from a qualified electrician. These high-voltage, 120-volt AC (120V AC) alarm bells are typically suitable when connecting to switches, waterflow sensors, or a building's power supply. If you're looking for a low-voltage device for use with fire alarm control panels (or other electronics that have low-voltage output), take a look at our 24-volt bells.

Can this alarm bell be installed outdoors?

With a heavy-duty steel dome housing and red enamel finish, this fire bell resists corrosion and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. But leading fire safety codes require protection, both in the form of weatherproofing and guarding, for outdoor bells installed with fire sprinkler or fire alarm systems. You can add those to your cart above or browse our selection of fire bell accessories. For more, see the 2019 edition of NFPA 13, section and the 2016 edition of NFPA 72, section 18.3.4.

How do I protect this bell against sources of failure (impact, nesting birds, worn wires, etc.)?

Available accessories for this fire alarm bell include:

  • Air-tight, weatherproof back boxes to protect wires and electronics.
  • Wire bell guards that wrap around the gong to shield against (light) impact and nesting birds.

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Decibel Level 96dB
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