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Socket Wrench for Concealed Fire Sprinklers | Tyco LFII | W-Type 18

Tyco W-Type 18 Socket Wrench for LFII Concealed Fire Sprinklers installs & removes Tyco LFII sprinklers quickly.
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SKUConstructionSprinkler ModelsTyco Part Number
TCLFSWSteel / BlackLFII56-000-1-265
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Product Description

Tyco LFII concealed fire sprinkler wrench is designed to speed installation or removal of Tyco model LFII fire sprinklers. Available in painted black, this unique hex-head wrench is designed specifically for Tyco fire sprinkler frames and provides the flexibility to engage the fire sprinkler from various angles. Also known as the W-Type 18 Sprinkler Wrench. Fits 1/2" ratchets.

Fire Sprinkler Wrench Helpful Tips:

Tip 1: It is recommended that a qualified professional replace fire sprinklers or in any other way modify a fire sprinkler system.

Tip 2: A fire sprinkler's size describes the inner orifice diameter - either half (1/2") or three-quarter (3/4") inch. The outer diamter of a (1/2") sprinkler's threads measures close to three-quarter inch. The other diameter of a (3/4") sprinkler's threads measures close to one inch. Most offices, small retail locations, etc. have (1/2") sprinklers. This applies to ordering wrenches - make sure to get the wrench that fits your size sprinkler.

Tip 3: Spare fire sprinkler heads and a wrench should be accessible at all times in a facility with a commercial fire sprinkler system installed. Often state regulations apply, too. Check with your local fire department.

Tip 4: Fire sprinkler systems should be visually inspected often and professionally inspected annually.

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