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Viking’s Installer Wrench | Open-Ended Sprinkler Wrench | XT1 Fire Sprinklers | 22055

Expedite the installation or removal of twelve Viking XT1 fire sprinklers—both pendent and upright—with the 22055 open-ended sprinkler wrench. The offset handle can install any XT1 sprinkler in any escutcheon, and is ideal for use with XT1 pendent models. Compatible with 1/2″ and 3/4″ NPT heads.
SKU Construction Compatible Sprinkler Types
VKOESW3 Black-Finished Steel with Blue Easy-Grip Handle Viking XT1 Sprinklers (See List Below)
Viking Part Number Availability
22055 Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

Viking’s Offset Installer Wrench for XT1 Fire Sprinklers (22055)

This open-ended sprinkler wrench features a single head that expedites the installation or removal of Viking XT1 fire sprinkler heads. The 22055 “installer wrench” has on offset handle that’s compatible with any XT1 head—upright or pendent—but particularly helpful for quickly installing pendent models.

The angled handle and coated grip makes it easy to grip and rotate ceiling-mounted sprinklers from below. The 22055 wrench slides over protective caps and grips the sprinkler on six sides, providing a solid grip even on recessed fire sprinklers.

Designed for use only with Viking-brand fire sprinklers, the 22055 can quickly and safely grip the wrench flats of select 1/2″ and 3/4″ NPT sprinkler heads. Compatible sprinkler identification numbers (SINs) for the 22055 wrench include:

  • VK1001
  • VK1021
  • VK2001
  • VK2002
  • VK2021
  • VK2022
  • VK3001
  • VK3021
  • VK3501
  • VK3502
  • VK3521
  • VK3522

This black-finished steel wrench is suitable for use during the installation and removal of the Viking XT1 sprinklers listed above—and ideal for storage in the spare fire sprinkler cabinets required by NFPA 13.

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